Weekly Check Ins

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Weekly Check Ins

Weekly Check Ins

MyAfton Weekly Check-Ins

When you are booked on an Afton Show we have found that checking in weekly is a must. It gives us a chance a chance to check in with each artist to see how things are going and if they have any questions that they need help with.

Some artists think that we (Afton) send too many emails or that we are robots…etc. This is not the case at all. With the number of artists that we book we are unforuntetly not able to have a phone call with each and every artist. There is just not enough time in the day, so we have found that having some pre made emails filled with tips and various things to help with each artists promotion is a great way to help our artists.

Always keep in mind that even when you are sent an automatic email from our system we are still on the other end. So when you reply to that email with an update. We begin our 1 on 1 conversation with you where we answer each and every question that you have.

We have broken up our weekly checkin emails into sections to best help artists at crucial promotional times through out the booking process. Below we will go through each of those benchmarks.

30+ Days Our From Your Show

A lot of acts “get the word out” about their show 30+ days in advance, or put up a few flyers. But they never really make any real progress. These acts think it’s fine to wait until the week of (or day of) the show for all of their fans to buy tickets. But the problem is, the longer you WAIT to start getting tickets sold, the longer you perpetuate the sinking feeling, “Will anyone end up coming to my show?” As time goes on you start to lose confidence, and you start to wonder if anyone really cares enough to come see you play.

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21+ Days Out From Your Show

Playing to an empty room sucks. We’ve all been there. It’s awkward. You feel like a loser. If there are 15 people in the crowd you don’t make any fans because you look like a lame artist who has no buzz, no following, etc. why even haul your gear down to a venue to play for nobody? Who wants to spend 15 hours promoting a show and have 5 people show up? We don’t want you to have a bad show. And that’s why we want our artists to really understand this simple concept: The more promotional effort you put into this show, the more you’ll get out of it.

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14 Days Out From Your Show

For a lot of artists, self promotion is hard, or it’s uncomfortable, or it just feels weird. But if you really think about it, who is in the best position to promote your music and to make long lasting connections to your soon to be fan base? You are.

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The Week of Your Show

Your show is now less than a week away. You’ve been rehearsing for weeks, preparing, thinking about everything from promotion to transportation to your set list. You have a lot going on. This close to the show is it too late to get more tickets sold? No. It’s not too late! You’ve already made ticket sales to the easy fans (haven’t you)? You’ve already split up the promo workload amongst all members, and broken down your ticket sales goals each week in small chunks. right?

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Extra Tips

If you wait until the last minute to sell tickets, trust me, you’re going to find yourself 24-48 hours out from the show with 0 pre-sales! You’ll end up super stressed out, feeling like nobody wants to come watch you perform, and you’ll wonder how you’re going to sell 20 Tickets in 1-2 days. It’s my job to help you AVOID this situation. 

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