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Do I get paid for a fan that buys a ticket but never shows up?

A ticket that is never redeemed by the fan who bought it will still count toward your total draw for the even. Any tickets sold but not redeemed will be factored into your payment.

How can I get paid more?

Your pay is always proportional to your draw for the event, so the surest way to get paid more is to draw more fans. Also, your Booking Rep may be able to offer you options for Bonus Pays (either $1.00 or $2.00/fan extra, above the Minimum Guaranteed Pay Scale. The bottom line is, our booking staff is always eager to accommodate, whenever possible - so if you're interested in a certain amount of payment, just let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

How does bonus pay work?

In addition to the Minimum Guaranteed Pay Scale, your booking rep may offer you either of two types of Bonus Pay:

$1.00/fan Bonus Pay
$2.00/fan Bonus Pay

These types of bonus pay are always earned as "either-or", meaning you never get $3.00/fan ($1.00 + $2.00) Bonus Pay. It's either one or the other - or possibly neither. Usually, if you draw the number of fans you agreed to when you confirmed a show, then you will have earned at least a $1.00/fan Bonus Pay. If your Booking Rep offers an option for $2.00/fan Bonus Pay, it will typically be earned if you draw some number above the amount of fans you agreed to draw.

In rare cases, a Bonus Pay might be guaranteed, regardless of your draw. Again though, this is uncommon.

Your exact Bonus Pay settings will be listed for a given event in your account. If you have any questions about what Bonus Pay you've been offered or how much you can get, please ask your Booking Rep.

Do I get paid if I draw 0 fans?

Since your pay is based on your draw for the event, you can never be paid for drawing 0 fans. Also, since fans can only tip you when they purchase a ticket online, drawing 0 fans means that you are not eligible for any fan tips either.

No matter how high of pay you've been offered per fan you draw, you'll earn $0.00 if you draw 0 fans - because any dollar amount times 0 is still $0.00.

No matter how much your Booking Rep likes your music, or how good he/she thinks you are - they just cannot pay you MORE than what you bring into the club. The club is not going to allow them to setup a pay situation with you to where if you don't draw well the club (and us) LOSES money.

We have to ensure overhead costs get recouped on our end, and on the club's end at the VERY LEAST.

What is the typical pay?

The typical amount of pay you should expect depends entirely on how many fans you plan to bring out to the event. For a breakdown of pay at every level, please visit

How do I get my fans to tip me?

Your fans have the opportunity to leave you a "tip" when they're purchasing tickets from The standard tip amount is $3.00/ticket, but they are able to select another amount (including $0.00/ticket if they prefer to not tip at all) - or they can enter a flat tip amount for their order (not a per-ticket tip amount).

To encourage tips, you can get creative. You might tell your fans that the person who leaves the biggest tip when they buy their ticket will get signed drumsticks and guitar picks that you actually used during the show. Or you might say that anyone who tips a certain amount will get to come on stage and sing with you during one song of your set, etc.

What if my check has not arrived yet?

It can take 2-3 days following a show for our office staff to receive the complete set of info and numbers from the event, verify all the numbers, and then run the checks. If it has been 5 business days since you were notified that your payment was mailed out to you, you should email, and include your most up-to-date payee name and mailing address.

How and when do I get paid?

ALL of our artist payment now goes out by check after the show, and includes any Tips that your Fans left you if they bought online. Since we book over 1,000 acts per month, a lot of payment checks go out each week, and we have a solid system in place to get you what is owed.

After each show, our Show Manager submits the post show report to our Post Show staff. Then they have to rectify the show numbers and put everything in the system, so usually within 2-3 days they are able to start mailing out the checks for the artists on your show.

1. When you complete confirmation for each show, you input your payment information (who to make the check out to and where to send it). So we will already have the correct address.
*You can change your payment info at anytime from your account

2. You will be contacted by, once we have mailed your check.

3. The check is mailed from the west coast, so that is why we say it should arrive 5-7 business days after your show, mail delivery time will depend on your location.

IF you ever need to check on the status of your payment, or if you have any questions you can contact our artist pay staff at directly at anytime:

How to Cash an e-Check

We send out around 1,500 e-checks each month. You can also get help with payment at anytime by contacting:


#1. Use a walk-up ATM.

#2. Deposit using your smart phone and banking app.

#3. If you have a Pay Pal account, you can download a free app called "Ingo Money" that allows you to deposit the e-check into your Pay Pal account by taking a photo of the e-check on your phone.

We recommend the above 3 options.


Verify Valid is owned by DELUXE corporation, the 2nd largest check printer in the United States. Verify Valid e-checks is a newer, high-tech product that DELUXE corporation offers. So we?ve noticed that some bank or check cashing employees who are new, inexperienced, or just not "with the times" might not know what to do.

If a bank teller or cash store employee gives you any hassle, or has not cashed an e-check before, here?s what to do:

1. Politely let them know this is a valid e-check by Deluxe Corporation & Verify Valid. Afton pays over 1,500 artists per month with this method.

2. This is a real check. It doesn?t matter that there?s nothing printed on the back. It doesn?t matter that you printed it at home on normal paper. That?s what you do for an e-check in order to cash it.

3. If still having problems, ask them to CALL the phone number printed on the e-check page you printed out. Verify Valid can quickly verify everything so that you can get it cashed. They?re used to doing this when bank and check store employees don?t know what?s going on.

4. Show them the BOLDED HEADING on the E-Check page that says "Does Your Financial Institution Have Questions About This Check?" and it explains exactly what they need to do if they have any issues with the E-Check.

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