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How to Order Thermal Tickets or Get Physical Cash Tickets?Can I Pay to Play if I Want To?What if I Lost Track of the Ticket ID #'s for Tickets I Sold?

How to Order Thermal Tickets or Get Physical Cash Tickets?

If already confirmed on an Afton show and you've completed the e-contract for that show:

1. Login to your MyAfton.com account and click on the "My Shows" section.

2. Then click on the Confirmed show date you're on to go to that show's Confirmed Dashboard.

3. From here, you can click the Tickets link in the center of the page and then click the "Get Physical Tickets" sub navigation link, or click the green "Get Physical Tickets" button that is on the right display of your Confirmed Dashboard.

Note: You can always order Thermal Tickets from our Design Center, to get there click the "Ticket & Flyer Creator" link at the top of the page. Or you can click on the "Store" link.

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If you're not booked on an Afton show, and need tickets for a NON-Afton show:

1. Login to MyAfton.com and either go to the "Store" and click create thermal tickets, or you can click the "Ticket & Flyer Creator" link at the top of the page to go to the Design Center directly.

2. Choose the Non-Afton show if this is not for an upcoming Afton event.

3. Then just fill out artist name and the show information, double check that everything is correct! Then you can order your Thermal Tickets.

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Can I Pay to Play if I Want To?

Sometimes artists just starting out will ask us, "Can I just choose to pay to play, and buy my own tickets so I can play a show?" Our answer to this is unequivocally no.

To be clear, Afton is adamantly against Pay to Play. We never want artists to buy their own tickets. So even if the artist wants to Pay to Play, we do not allow them to. If we find that an artist is doing this, we will stop booking them.

We believe that with the right tools, strategies, and with our help almost any artist no matter where they are at in their career is capable of selling 20 advance tickets in their home region. If an artist is truly unable to do that, we may in some cases choose to make an exception, but at the very least we will try to teach that artist how to grow their fan base in a way that is constructive and helpful. Buying your own tickets to play a show doesn't teach you how to grow your fan base and promote yourself. You can't take shortcuts. It takes effort to grow your fan base. After all, nothing that is worth doing is ever easy.

Afton focuses on empowering unsigned artists and showing them that they do have the ability to self-promote and improve their promotion skills to the point where they can see effective results. Where other promoters or players in the music industry might tell an unsigned artist that they "can't make it," Afton is here to not only tell you that "YOU CAN," but to give you the support and tools you need to be the best musician, best marketer, and the best artist you can be.

What if I Lost Track of the Ticket ID #'s for Tickets I Sold?

No worries, here's what to do. A Ticket ID # is required for every cash ticket you Validate at MyAfton.com, and venue staff will only let fans into the show if theTicket ID # on their ticket has been validated. If you ever lose track of which Ticket ID #'s you sold, don't worry here's an easy solution.
*Note: It's easier if you note which Ticket ID #'s you sell, as you sell them, to make validating tickets easier later on.

1. First, take an inventory between you and all group members of what Ticket ID #'s you have still in your posession. You know this by looking at any tickets you still have in your posession that you haven't sold yet.

2. Login to your MyAfton.com account. Click on "My Shows," then click on this show date to access the Confirmed Dashboard for that show.

3. Click the green "Validate Cash Sales" button, then click the Start Validation button. At the top it will list all Ticket ID #'s that have been assigned to you: EXAMPLE - "Your Available Ticket Ids : 600-640, 700-740" as an example.

4. Now just match "Your Available Ticket ids" (which are the Ticket ID #'s assigned to you) and then by process of elimination, match that to the Ticket ID #'s you have in your posession. You now know that any missing Ticket ID #'s are tickets that you already sold to fans, and those are the ID #'s to validate.

If you have any questions let me know!

If you sold print-at-home cash tickets already, those had their own unique Ticket ID #'s on them. So those fans will get into the show if you sold them a ticket and validated their ticket at MyAfton.com. If you ordered Thermal Tickets, those will have different Ticket ID #'s than any print-at-home ticket you've been using. So you just would sell your Thermal Tickets and then validate them as you sell them. We never let you download print-at-home tickets, or order multiple batches of Thermal Tickets without ensuring that every single ticket has it's own unique Ticket ID #. So don't worry about that.

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