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Are you ready for year-round booking opportunities? Let’s get you
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How does booking work?

All you need to do is promote the show and perform! The best part – Afton is free for the artist. Our booking services are free, and so is our platform!


Your customizable MyAfton account gives you all the tools you need for a successful show.


Afton does all the legwork and works with artists at every level, functioning as each event’s promoter, booking agent and organizer.


We front all the money, handle all the logistics with the venue and book the other artists

“We’ve used Afton for our last few tours and have been very happy with our experience and the shows we played. They’ve provided our fans with the lowest ticketing fees, reliable customer service, and customizable tools in relation to our needs.”


User Reviews

After booking over 200,000 artists, Afton has an A+ Rating on Better Business Bureau with 4.98 out of 5 star user rating. Check out what they’re saying about working with us

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Still not convinced?

Afton has valuable services to offer artists at every level, even if you are not looking for more shows.

Get year-round show offers automatically sent to your MyAfton account
All logistics with the venue are taken care of in advance – never worry about sound, security or staffing again
A payout structure you can count on (
Online ticketing and customizable thermal tickets with customer support for your fan
Create custom flyers using our web-based design tool – no graphic designer needed!
Wholesale pricing on flyers, posters and handbills.
Earn extra promotion perks See Details
Free show promotion See Details
1-on-1 support from your booking rep.
Network with other artists in your area and invite them to join you on shows.
Artists are protected with a clear & simple contract for every show.
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