Ryan Kintz


Since starting the company in 2004, Ryan has held to our founding principle, that every talented unsigned artist deserves a chance to get onstage. When he’s not working, Ryan likes to play guitar, golf, disc golf, snowboard, travel and spend time with family and friends. He’s been an avid animal lover, and Vegan, since 2013. Ryan is a Booking Manager, runs day to day operations, creates new artist services, and constantly optimizes how our booking and ticketing platforms can help our artists succeed. He also is the head of our national tours division for signed, nationally touring acts.

Amelia (Amy) Kintz


Amy joined Afton in 2006. She helped Ryan build the company from the ground up and is passionate about helping local artists reach their personal goals and perform onstage. Amy loves going to concerts, traveling, snowboarding, being vegan, and spending time with her daughter Ziah and dogs (Minus and Maida). Amy is the CFO, Booking Manager, and Scheduling Coordinator for the 100+ music venues that we work with. Amy is heavily involved in creating new services for our artists and in continually optimizing how our booking systems operate. She is also Director of Software and leads our web, app, and software development teams.

Jordan Westlund

HR Recruitment & Booking Manager

An integral part of the Afton team since 2014, Jordan oversees our HR Department and is one of our Booking Managers. He’s responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and scheduling the 80+ Afton Show Managers who run our events in each of our 40 U.S. cities. He is also in charge of managing artist payment logistics for over 1,400+ acts each month, and customer support for our (www.aftonshows.com) ticketing platform. He enjoys running, camping, the lake, and is extremely active in the outdoors.

Zach Lincoln

New Venue Relations & Booking Manager

Zach is in charge of acquiring new venues for Afton shows, as well as managing the relationships we have with the 100+ venues we currently work with. He is a Booking Manager, Social Media Manager, and contributes to our Afton Blog. Hobbies include disc golf, biking, and going to concerts. He’s constantly working on finding more great performance spaces for our artists to enjoy, and actively helps improve the way we serve our artists on a day to day basis.

Ann Fullterton

Ticket and Flyer Printing

Ann is in charge of all Afton printing projects nationwide – Including flyers, thermal tickets, business cards, and all other promotional materials. Printing and shipping flyers and thermal perforated tickets to thousands of artists all over the country is no easy task. She also helps scout for new artists and new venues and helps with customer service.

Luanne Robertson

Bookkeeper & Accounting Manager

Luanne is our bookkeeper and helps on the accounting side. She’s an invaluable part of our team and works closely with our CFO, Amy Kintz, on everything from payroll to budgeting.


Booking Assistants Artist Scouting Reps Web, App, & Software Development Team Over 80 Afton Show Managers who run events in each of our 40 cities. Maida & Minus (our resident office dogs)