How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Grow Your Instagram Get More Followers On Instagram Today we will be going over some easy to use tips that help answer the popular question ‘How do I get more followers on Instagram’. 1. G...

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Are Hashtags Important?

Are they Important? The Importance of Hashtags I hear so much talk around the subject of Hashtags. “Are hashtags important’, “Do I really need them”, “Do they make that big of a difference” . Some people think they are just for looks, others don’t want to take the time to use them and some people [...]

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– Has This Happened To You? Some people have been trying a scam on Afton artists. We want all MyAfton rappers, bands, and musicians to be aware of this so you don’t get caught in this Afton Scam. It’s only affected a small group of our artists, but we are always on the look out and shutting [...]

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What motivates you?

Motivation Always On Your A Game It would be great it we could stay 100% on our A game at all times, but as we all know, life can be challenging, and sometimes it is hard to stay positive and motivated. What helps you stay positive and focused on the bigger picture? I tend to [...]

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Afton’s Take: Should You Ever Pay to Play?

Should I ever Pay to Play? Thousands of Afton artists have asked us over the years, “Should I ever Pay to Play? Is it ever worth it?” You’ve probably heard many musicians call these types of opportunities a scheme, a scam, or a ripoff. It’s a valid question. Since we were founded by musicians, for [...]

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Are the Afton Scam Rumors True?

True or False Are the Rumors True? Every so often, an artist will reach out and ask, “I heard that Afton is a scam,” or “My friend’s band said you made them pay to play in 2010,” or some other rumor flying around on the internet. The Music Industry is full of unethical Promoters, Booking [...]

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Album Review: The Difference 2

**Recommend** The Difference 2 This Months Review We are very happy to bring to you our album review of The Difference 2 by Big Nic. This one we recommend to anyone looking for some fun new Hip Hop. This is our second review for Big Nic so I am extra excited about this one. Big [...]

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Afton Artist Tips!

Artist Tips! In this series we will be bringing you Afton artist tips straight from some of the artists that book shows with us! Take a listen as they have some great tips for up and coming artists! No Name Lane Follow Him: Instagram Twitter Main Site Von T Follow Him: Instagram Twitter JessieTheGoat Follow [...]