MyAfton Emerging Artist: Tracey Childs

– Tracey Childs Myafton Emerging artist Tracey Childs is a Singer/Songwriter/Music arranger from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, but currently resides in Delaware County. She started singing at the a...

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Bands Claim Afton Shows is a Scam?

This is Ryan Kintz, the owner of Afton Shows and MyAfton. For many years, there have been dozens of bands, rappers, and musicians on the internet that claim Afton is a scam, or pay to play, or a battle of the bands. Today I’m going to dive into this, openly and honestly, and give a [...]

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Overcoming Obstacles to Ticket Sales

Overcoming Obstacles to Ticket Sales  Let’s face it….Selling tickets is not always easy and definitely can get you out of your comfort zone! At Afton Shows, one of our main goals is to help artists overcome ticket sale slumps with some simple strategies! Here are some of the main roadblocks we hear, and suggestions on how [...]

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Winter Mixtape

release info Winter Mixtape Release Info We are very happy to bring you the third Afton Mixtape. This time a round we are putting out an Afton Winter Mixtape featuring tons of great artists! The three headliners for this Mixtape are Young Cello, Fuego James and Raa Medulla. The rest of the mixtape will be [...]

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How to Get a Booking Agent

How to Get a Booking Agent The question I get asked the most by our independent rappers and bands is “How do I Get a Booking Agent?” The second most asked question is typically, “How do I get signed to a Record Label?” As a Musician myself, I know firsthand how “impossible” it can sometimes [...]

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Make Money Referring Artists!

Referral Program Make Money Referring Artists One of our artists favorite things about our platform is that they can get paid to refer their friends or other musicians they know to our site ( It is a very easy process and takes seconds to do! Right now we are offering double referral pay to select [...]

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December Video Contest Winner

1st Place We are very happy to announce that the winner of our December Video Contest is artist Elias. We received a TON of great submission for this contest but we though that video stood out the most! Elias will receive $100 in beat store credits (From ) as we as a featured blog [...]

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The Afton Mission Statement

WHY IS A MISSION STATEMENT IMPORTANT? There are more businesses in the world than ever before. So as a consumer entering 2020, it’s more important than ever before to pay attention to the core values of any company you choose to engage with. In today’s economy, where you spend your money and time are one of the biggest [...]