Live stream and live music world after COVID19

Photo courtesy of Johnston Street The world needs live music today more than ever, especially since the outbreak of Coronavirus. It’s been hard for a lot of industries, and the live music industry h...

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How to Make Your LiveStream so Unique that Fans Pay for it

Unique Livestream Performance Here’s a quick guide to making your Live Stream gigs the most profitable shows you’ve ever played. So many major artists right now are doing Live Stream performances for free. It’s been kind of weird, and kind of cool, to see major artists essentially “busking” online for tips. So this leaves many [...]

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Why Free Live Stream Performances Can Hurt Artists Long-Term

– Wait, what did Ryan from Afton just say? Free Live Stream performances can actually hurt independent and major artists in the long run? Yes, you read that right. Each Live Stream performance should have a specific goal in mind. There are times when incorporating a free Live Stream may be a good idea. But [...]

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Afton LiveStream Launch Helps Music Artists Get Paid to Perform Despite COVID-19

A widely-recognized platform pivots to bring music to the masses and a generous revenue share to performers. Portland, OR – May 18, 2020 -In the wake of COVID-19, the world wants a way back to what was blissfully taken for granted. Most are determined to embrace the new norm at all costs so, like never [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: APM

APM Background Myafton Emerging artist APM: What’s the deal, my name is Di’Marques and I go by the name of Aryes Praedo Marytymus, or APM for short. I’m 22 years old and I was born in Banning California, but now I’m loved to Austin Texas due to unforeseen circumstances. I can play most percussion instruments [...]

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How An Artist Can Market Their LiveStream Performance Show

Market Your Livestream Performance So you’ve decided to livestream your next performance. You’ve setup your show, now it’s time to start selling your tickets. But how do you even go about doing that? Well, here are a few ideas that’ll help get you started! Give Fans A Taster Via Youtube Youtube, in my opinion, is [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: Skilla

Skilla Skilla Background MyAfton Emerging artist Skilla: I am skilla an artist from Houston Texas and I am a heavy vocalist, singer and rapper. I do it all basically. What inspires me the most is really the fact that I have always listened to music and thought about how I would make the song different [...]

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Afton LiveStream: Built by musicians, FOR musicians!

Afton LiveStream Live streaming is not a new thing, but Covid-19 has exploded the demand for these types of services like never before. Here at Afton, we are adaptable and scrappy; as the music industry requires. The day our first event was canceled because of the corona virus, we began the planning and development of [...]