MyAfton Promo Options

MyAfton Promo Blasts MyAfton Promo Options We offer a ton of free promotional benchmarks for artists. If you have not seen them you can click HERE to see what they are, but we also offer a lot of paid...

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Afton Summer Mixtape

Summer Mixtape We are very excited to officially release the Afton Summer Mixtape! It is our first ever mixtape that we are releasing as a booking agency. We teamed up with a lot of artists that work with us on the Afton Team. We hope you like it! Below you can check out the 3 [...]

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MyAfton Print Store

MyAfton Print Shop Print Store One of the best things that comes with a free MyAfton membership is access to the MyAfton print store! We offer tons of different sizes at Warehouse prices! MyAfton Flyers & Handbills From our store you can create a flyer for a show that you are booking through us (Afton) [...]

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Afton Freestyle Contest

Freestyle Contest Freestyle Contest It has been awhile since our last contest but we are very excited about this one! We will be having our first ever Afton Freestyle Contest. We are taking entries from now until to August 23rd! Freestyle Prize The first place winner will receive $100 to the MyAfton store where we [...]

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Afton Featured Artists

We are very happy to showcase some of our Afton featured artists of the summer! Be sure to catch them at some of their shows around the US and Canada! Below you will also find some more info about them. The Hip Hop Cellist The Hip Hop Cellist As a teen, The Hip Hop Cellist [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: Jay Elle

Jay Elle Get to Know Emerging Artist Jay Elle My name is Jay Elle and I reside in New York City. I started playing guitar when I was a teenager. I played with bands in high school and continued on from there. Initially, I was more focused on playing guitar and singing and then I [...]

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How To Become an Afton Affiliate!

MyAfton Become an Affiliate and Get Paid! Here at Afton we are always looking for new, up and coming artists to book at our nationwide events! We have an awesome artist referral program where you can become an Afton Affiliate and we pay YOU to refer artists. The Affiliate Process When you sign up to [...]

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Afton Artist Album Review: Longanimity

**Highly Recommend** Longanimity This Months Review We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of Longanimity by Kreative. This one we highly recommend to any listener that is looking for some new music to check out! Artist Background (Alexander) Kreative Glover is an emcee who speaks the truth through his [...]