Afton Summer Mixtape

Afton Mixtape Have you submitted your music for the Afton Summer Mixtape yet? Here at Afton we are very happy to announce our Summer Mixtape! We are accepting entries from now until July! It will show...

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Afton Artist Album Review: Longanimity

**Highly Recommend** Longanimity This Months Review We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of Longanimity by Kreative. This one we highly recommend to any listener that is looking for some new music to check out! Artist Background (Alexander) Kreative Glover is an emcee who speaks the truth through his [...]

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Spend More Time on Music? Or Promotion?

I’m a Musician just like you. We are creators, artists, poets. If there’s one thing we love more than anything in the world – it’s creating music. But what happens if we spend all of our time writing and playing music but fail to put enough time into marketing and promotion? Doing What’s “Easy” is [...]

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Is Social Media Helping or Hurting Musicians?

I get asked this question every week by our artists. “Is technology and social media helping or hurting my ability to build a fan base?” The answer is, both. Technology and social media has allowed unsigned musicians to interact with and grow their fan base worldwide in a way that was never possible before. Social [...]

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How to Book More Gigs.

Nobody Responds to Your Booking Requests?! I’ve been there, we all have. You spend 20 minutes crafting an email to your favorite venue’s booking person. You’ve explained in detail what your music sounds like, who you’ve shared the stage with, the tours you’ve opened for, what press you’ve gotten, and you’ve explained how many years [...]

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Don’t Wait Around for Your Big Break!

“Waiting until you are ready is the same as expecting it to never happen.” –Mel Robbins, 5 Second Rule As musicians, often we find ourselves waiting until we feel “completely ready” before we take action. Or even worse, we wait for someone else to do the work for us. This is one of the biggest [...]

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Afton Summer Sale!

Summer Sale Afton Summer Sale is Here! Here at Afton we are very Happy to Announce our Summer Sale! We are offering 35% OFF ALL our products now through June 16th! In our store we have everything you need to make your show or song a success! Twitter Blast! We make a post from our [...]

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Afton Beat Store Sale!

Afton Beat Store Afton 30% Off Sale! We are very happy to announce our 30% off Afton Beat Store sale for all of our beats now through May 30th! If you are looking for a beat for your next song or even just to build up your beat catalog we have you covered! Afton Beat [...]