Boosting Your LiveStream Promotion With Facebook Ads.

Boosting Your LiveStream Promotion Today we will be walking you through some tools that you can use to boost your promotion for an upcoming LiveStream show. There are limitless tools that you can use ...

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We’ve all seen our favorite major artists doing FREE live stream performances on Facebook Live. They’re basically “busking,” which is the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntary donations, but in this case, they are “busking” online. Major artists that used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars playing [...]

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FANS ARE ONLINE NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. Covid-19 has shut down everything, especially live music. Everyone you know has moved online 24/7. They are cooped up in their house and craving a live music experience more than ever before. But as an independent musician – now how do you stand out? How do you [...]

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Making Waves With Your Music Videos on YouTube

Like it or not YouTube is still the best way for musicians to reach new listeners and keep current fans excited. The Google-owned video platform is artists’ first choice when it comes down to launching a new single, sharing a live session or dropping a studio update. However, every artist who has tried ‘taming’ the [...]

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Album Review: I Want It All

This Months Review We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of ‘I Want It All” by BoobieBlood. We recommend this album to anyone that is looking for some new Hip Hop to add to their music rotation. BoobieBlood Rasheed Abdullah goes by the stage name Boobieblood. He is an [...]

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The Importance of Getting On a Spotify Playlist

Spotify Playlists Why Get On Spotify Playlists Artists often wonder how important it is to get their song(s) on Spotify playlists. We wanted to try to lay out some info as to why it is really beneficial to get your music out there on different playlists through Spotify. The Exposure When you put your music [...]

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MyAfton Artists Against Covid Mixtape

Artists Against Covid Release Info We are very happy to bring you the fourth Afton Mixtape. This time a round we are putting out an Afton Artists Against Covid Mixtape featuring tons of great artists! For this mixtape we took 16 of the best song submissions and made them into a great mixtape for new [...]

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Facebook Ad & Promo Tips for LiveStreams

Facebook Ads and Promo Tips I will be walking you through some tips and tricks regarding both Facebook ads and other promo tips that we have learned along the way. Hopefully you will be able to apply some of these tips to your ads as you promote your next show. Most artists just starting out [...]