Why Afton Shows is Primed to Lead the Industry in LiveStreams for Music Artists.

Afton has been producing live concerts since 2004. Founded by Musicians, for Musicians – Afton’s passion has always been to support and empower independent bands, rappers, and musicians. T...

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MyAfton Live Stream Virtual Performances Can Help Artists Make Money During COVID-19.

Recently, artists of all sizes have ramped up their free livestream performances on Facebook for donations only. But what if you could design a unique, special, and interactive LiveStream performance that you could sell virtual pay-per-view tickets for? How much more money could artists be making to help support their music career if they used [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: DvffleBvg Ruggv

DvffleBvg Ruggv DvffleBvg Ruggv MyAfton Emerging artist DvffleBvg Ruggv: I am DvffleBvg Ruggv and I am 22 years old from Silver Spring Maryland. I am a DMV trap rapper and am very passionate about my music, fans, and label. I started making music at 13 and when I was 21 my mom started a record [...]

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Are Shows Still Being Booked?

– Are shows still being booked? What is Afton’s plan? Afton Show’s plan during the COVID-19 live events ban is to continue supporting our employees, our venues, and our artists. After much discussion between our team members, it was decided that the best course of action for everyone involved is to continue planning, booking, and [...]

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So Shows Aren’t happening… What Now?

– So Shows Aren’t Happening… What Now? Times are uncertain and stressful for so many people right now, especially for Afton’s independent musicians, bands, and rappers. Even more so, for the 200+ independent music venues that Afton and our artists support. Some days it seems almost impossible to stay positive and hopeful when the live [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: DJ GATTIIIYEE

DJ GATTIIIYEE MyAfton Emerging artist DJ Gattiiiyee: My name is Calvin Robinson. On stage my act name is DJ GATTIIIYEE aka Gotta Eat. I am 32 years of age. I am from Fresno and I am currently living in Fresno, California. When it is time for me to performed, I like to use a pioneer [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: Saint Pete

– Saint Pete MyAfton Emerging artist Saint Pete: My real name is Peter John Pappas, and I was born & raised in Park Ridge, Illinois! Growing up I lived in a medium sized home, in a safe neighborhood, where I could go outside and call on any of my best friends, to go on an [...]

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We are in this together!

– Dear Afton Members, On behalf of the entire Afton & Afton Tickets team, we wanted to reach out and reinforce our commitment to you. We’re music people, just like you. And, while we are all adapting to these new circumstances, some things remain the same: •We know you are relying on Afton to provide [...]