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How to Create Your Artist Profile So You Can View Gig Offers!

If you’ve already created a personal Musician Account at then you’re just 1 step away from viewing gig offers and getting booked!

If you don’t have a personal Musician Account yet, Click Here to get started on that.

Remember, we can’t offer you gigs until you create an Artist Profile. You need an Artist Profile for each live act you’re apart of in order to see gig offers for that act.

Create Your Artist Profile Now to Get More Gigs!

  1. Login to your personal account.
    • Click “Forgot Password” if you can’t remember it.
  2. Click on the “Book a Show” link in the upper left hand corner.
    • Tip: If using a mobile phone, click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left hand corner of your screen to see the “Book a Show” link.
  3. From here, click the blue “Start Booking” button.
  4. Once you submit your Artist Profile we will assign you a Booking Rep. They’ll review your music and start offering you shows.

Once you successfully submit your Artist Profile you’ll see a reminder to LIKE & FOLLOW Afton on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Make sure you SAFE LIST your Booking Reps email address so you don’t miss out on show offers.

That’s it! Within minutes you can create your Artist Profile and from that point onward not only will you be able to view gig offers right from your MyAfton account – but your Booking Rep will also email you show offers as well!

We can’t wait to book you! If you have any questions about signup please reach out so we can help –

How To Find My Booking Rep

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Where Do I Email?

There are a lot of different departments on the My Afton website so it can sometimes get confusing when trying to figure out where to send your email to.

The easiest reference when you are trying to figure out where to send your email is to login to your account and check your main dashboard. Your booking reps contact email will be listed on the bottom right corner as seen in the image below.

Contact Email

The email address that is displayed is of course going to be different than the email address displayed in your account, but that is where your booking agents email will be listed.

Other Departments

Below you will find a list of all of the different contacts for each department on the MyAfton website.

Artist Payment

If you are an artist that is looking to receive some help for a payment related question please make sure to email

Print Shop

The best email to reach out if you have a question about Thermal Tickets, Flyers, Posters or Hand bills that you ordered is

Afton Store

If you purchased a product on the Afton website (Promo blast, album review, mixtape submission, beat…etc) and you have a question about the product please email so we can answer your question.

Social Media Submission

A lot of artists that we book want to get their performance videos posted on our social media pages but do not know where to send the pics/videos to. Please make sure to send the footage along with your artist name to and we will get that posted for you.

Fan Ticket Support

If your fans are reaching out to you with questions that they have regarding tickets that they bought from the website the best place for them to reach out to is

General Booking

Sometimes artists have some friends or other musicians that they know that they want to refer to the MyAfton website. If this is the case for you then make sure to have them sign up using your referral link in your account. Also if that customer needs some questions answered they can reach out to and we will be happy to help answer them.

How to Sign Up To MyAfton

Setting up an MyAfton Account is pretty straight forward. But in case you’re having trouble signing up, here is a 10-step, screen-by-screen set up tutorial of a new account, from start to finish.

You can sign up on any device, but this tutorial is taken from the desktop/laptop site for simplicity. Mobile devices and tablets may appear slightly different, but will still work virtually the same as a desktop/laptop.

Step 1: Click the sign up now button on the main page (image 1) or the booking page (image 2 below).

Image 1: Sign up for an artist profile on the main page.

Step 1 (cont’d): You can also sign up on the booking page:

Image 2: Sign up for an artist profile on the booking page.

Step 2: If you do not have an MyAfton account, you will see the screen below (Image 3). Fill it out with your email, password, country and zip code. Read through the Terms of Services & Privacy and click “You agree”.

Image 3: Sign up screen for a MyAfton account

Step 2 (cont’d): If you already have a MyAfton account, you will see the screen below (Image 4). Simply type your email or username and password to go through the application process. If you don’t have an account, you can click “Create an Account” at the top of the screen. If you forgot your password, click “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions.

Image 4: Already have an account? Just sign in.

Step 2 (cont’d): If you aren’t sure if you have an account, the MyAfton sign-in portal checks with the internal database and will let you know with a warning screen that will pop up so you don’t build a new account with the same email:

Image 5: You already have a Musician Account

Step 3: Once you’ve signed up for an account, the next screen will ask you to confirm your email address (Image 6 below). You’ll need to go back to the email account you used to sign up and check it for the code (example in step 4). If you don’t see the confirmation email, check your spam folders and/or update folders. If you still don’t see the email, you can click “resend email” on the confirmation screen. If you accidentally spelled your email wrong, click the link on this screen to fix it.

Image 6: Confirm your email address.

Step 4: Check your email for the confirmation/verification code (Image 7 below). There will be a code to copy and paste into the MyAfton confirmation screen (see above), or to make it easier, you can also click the link in the email and it will automatically confirm your email and send you back to the MyAfton page to continue registration.

Image 7: Check your email for a verification email from us. Click the link or use the number code to enter on the MyAfton confirmation screen to continue registration.

Step 5: Choose Your Account Type (Image 8 below). If you are ready to start booking shows, click the first box. This will create your artist profile AND a musician account. If you’re not ready to book and have an act or band or you’re not performing yet and want to utilize the non-booking Afton tools, choose the second box. If you’re simply a musician without an act and/or not performing live, check the third box, and you will simply create a musician account, rather than an artist profile.

Image 8: Choose the Account Type that best suits your needs.

Step 6: Now we begin the process of building your Artist Profile! (Image 9 below) Here you will input your Act Name, your home city and links to your act’s music. Two things to note here: 1-You can only pick one home city here. You can change it at this step (or later in your account). If you want to add more than one city, just pick your primary city here and let your booking rep know you’d like to add more cities to perform in. 2-You must have at least one link to your music to build an account.

Image 9: Time to build your Artist Profile

Step 6 (cont’d): Scroll down the page and you’ll be able to choose the three music genres that fit you best. These can be changed at any time in account later. We also need to know if you perform with a drum kit and member ages (as some of our shows have age restrictions like 18+ or 21+). You can also tell us if you have more than just you in the act. Once you’ve entered this information, click “Continue”.

Image 10: Genres, Drum Kits, Ages and Number of Members in your Act.

Step 7: Enter your contact information on this screen (Image 11). You can add a secondary contact and additional members. You can add these later if you don’t know this information at the time of sign up. Primary contact is most important, and will also serve as your “Musician Profile”, the root of your Artist Profile.

Image 11: Enter your contact information for your act on this page.

Step 7 (cont’d): Scroll down to read about our Phone Policy. (Image 12 below) Due to the volume of artists we work with, virtually all of our correspondence is via email. Check the circle next to “I understand….”. You must check this box in order to continue. You can also toggle booking on or off on this screen.

Image 12: The MyAfton Phone Policy and Turning Booking Shows on or off

Step 8: What to Expect. Here is all the details on how MyAfton shows work and what we expect from you and what you can expect from us. You must select “Yes” to continue with booking. If you select “No” we will not be able to book shows for you. Note: WE ARE NOT PAY TO PLAY. Artists do not pay any money up front to perform at an Afton Show.

Image 13: Expectations clearly defined before you sign up.

Step 8 (cont’d): Scroll down and you will see the six most important aspects of Afton Shows. You can click “Learn more” on any of the categories for more information. Once you have read through these categories, click “Continue” to complete you MyAfton account.

Image 14: You agree to sell at least 20 advanced tickets if Afton books you for a show.

Step 9: Congratulations! You’ve finished setting up your MyAfton account.

Image 15: Last screen before you get to your account.

Step 9 (cont’d): Make sure to add your booking rep to your email safe list and click “Get started” to go to your new MyAfton account!

Image 16: Make sure to safe list your booking rep! And click “Get started” to go to your new account.

Step 10: Here you will find your MyAfton account. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the various aspects of the page as you build and add to it. Click all the navigation items and discover all the parts of your account that you haven’t used yet.

Image 17: Familiarize yourself with all of the various aspects of your MyAfton account.

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