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How to Make Flyers, Posters, & Hand Bills.

How to Make Flyers, Posters, & Hand Bills.

Our MyAfton Design Tool allows you to create your own custom 8.5×11 Flyers (aka Fliers), 11×17 Posters, and pocket sized Hand Bills. Plus, now you can create Flyers, Posters, & Handbills for NON-Afton shows! So now for any show you play, you can design your promo materials and order through us with our membership wholesale pricing.

+ New high res design images added to our library.
+ Finally, now you can create 11″x17″ Posters!
+ Better pricing on higher quantities!
+ Create flyers for ALL of your shows, even NON-Afton shows!


1. Login to your MyAfton account. You can access our Design Tool a few different ways:

*Click the “Ticket & Flyer Creator” link at the top of the page. From the Design Center you just click the green “+” icon for the size or type of product you want to create.

*Or, click on the “Store” link at the top of page. You can then choose what type of promotional print product you want to create.

*Or, if already booked on an Afton show, navigate to your Confirmed Dashboard by clicking the “My Shows” button and then the show you are Confirmed on currently. You’ll see a Flyer image on that page that lets you edit or create your show flyer.

3. Choose either 8.5×11 Flyer, 11×17 Poster, or pocket sized Hand Bills. You also can create custom Thermal Tickets. Note: You can always change the size and item you’re designing during the creation process if you change your mind!

4. Choose what TYPE of event this is for…

If you’re confirmed on an Afton show.

NON-Afton Show
If you booked a show outside of Afton. You can design items for any event you want to promote!

Not Date or Venue Specific
If you want to create and order flyers with blank space at the bottom so you can manually write in the date and venue yourself. This way an order of 50 or 100 of these flyers could be used to promote several shows and you’re not stuck with all flyers being for 1 specific show date.

5. Input the show information and the required fields, double check all the info you submit is correct!

6. Now you choose the color for the text on your flyer, and the background color scheme. Click the paint can icons to choose those. Upload your own image to use on your flyer OR you can choose from our awesome library of high resolution images.
*Here you can change the TYPE of event or the SIZE of your flyer by clicking on the two headings above the flyer.

7. Once everything looks right, click the Preview & Submit button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

8. Now you can order your flyers with wholesale member pricing and we ship them right to your door. Or you can download the flyer PDF if you want to print it out at home.

9. You can always access any flyers you previously made from your Design Center. Click the Ticket & Flyer Creator link at the top of your account to access that. You can edit, delete, or order flyers to be printed and shipped to you from here.

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