Do I get paid if I draw 0 fans?

Since your pay is based on your draw for the event, you can never be paid for drawing 0 fans. Also, since fans can only tip you when they purchase a ticket online, drawing 0 fans means that you are not eligible for any fan tips either.

No matter how high of pay you've been offered per fan you draw, you'll earn $0.00 if you draw 0 fans - because any dollar amount times 0 is still $0.00.

No matter how much your Booking Rep likes your music, or how good he/she thinks you are - they just cannot pay you MORE than what you bring into the club. The club is not going to allow them to setup a pay situation with you to where if you don't draw well the club (and us) LOSES money.

We have to ensure overhead costs get recouped on our end, and on the club's end at the VERY LEAST.

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