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Afton Summer Sale!

Summer Sale Afton Summer Sale is Here! Here at Afton we are very Happy to Announce our Summer Sale! We are offering 35% OFF ALL our products now through June 16th! In our store we have everything you need to make your show or song a success! Twitter Blast! We make a post from our [...]

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Is Afton “Pay to Play”?

Is Afton Pay to Play? The Ugliest Words in the Business Three of the ugliest words in the music industry are “PAY TO PLAY”. For a new musician or artist, or even seasoned veterans, finding out a potential show falls under the umbrella of a “pay to play” gig causes concern. What is “Pay to [...]

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Afton Contest for March

Here at Afton we like to have contests that our artists can be a part of, so they have an additional way of showing off their talents to the world. As of now we have new contests every other month and soon we hope to have them monthly. Check out our current contest below. Afton [...]

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Does Afton Pocket All The Money?

Does Afton Pocket All the Money? No. No We Don’t. The Long and Short of It From time to time we hear from upset artists we work with who say we are getting the lion’s share of the money made from the shows we book. I know what you mean. It’s easy to look at [...]

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Get Your Fans to Stop Snoozing on Buying Tickets!

Get Your Fans to Stop Snoozing on Buying Tickets to Your Show! Wake Up Your Fans and Save Them Money! Ok, so you’re following our tips and ticket selling strategies. But your fans are still procrastinating and not buying tickets. Don’t worry. That is an easy problem to solve. After booking over 12,000 local shows, [...]