Album Review: No Pressure

Album Review: No pressure
No Pressure

Just Jerick Artist Background:

Just Jerick is an up and coming artist from the Los Angeles area.

Album Review No Pressure

Just Jerick starts off the album full force. He skipped the intro take that some artists use for the first track and he dives directly into a full track which is titled ‘Lemons’. The second track on the album titled ‘Top Shelf’ starts off with a slower take than the prior song. The beat is pretty minimal with a piano loop through out that just adds so much to the track. Next up on the album we have ‘Cruise Through the City’ which feels a lot like an anthem. The chorus has a mood about it that very quickly can change your state of mind. Next, we are heading into ‘Clear’ which shows off a bit more of Just Jericks flow on a track. Through out the versus he speeds things up and slows it back down. It fits very well through out the entirety of the track. ‘Hunger Stroke’ has a sample that you cannot help but to love. It really helps the beat to pop and even better causes the lyrics to strike through even harder. So far this one has to be my favortie track on the album. Both the verses and the chorus hit hard and it even as ‘Jak Fann’ and ‘Akia’ as the features on the album.

Album Review: No pressure

Album Review: The Second Half

The second half starts off with ‘Take Me Away’ which is produced by Jay10K. The beat definitely has a different feel then the rest of the tracks but the way the lyrics are delivered also do so it works very well! Next we have ‘Reasons’ which starts off slow similar to the second track on the album. Simple beats and tracks this really help Jericks lyrics/vocals to shine. The tempo of this track is definitely his pocket that works best! The 8th track is titled ‘Turn My Headphones Up’ which features both King Osiris and Tonyg. Both artists add a great deal to the track both coming in with totally different styles. This is followed by the track ‘New School’ which brings Jerick back into his familiar pocket that works so well for him as an artist. Instead of just word play he ads a lot more to the way he pronounces words by slowing and speeding up all in the same word. New School is another track is another one at the top of my list. Track number 10 is titled ‘Never Again’ which is produced by ‘so special’. The song is a sleeper for sure. It starts off similar to other tracks on the album but then takes some very interesting twists and turns that work well for the song. The final track on the album ‘No Pressure’ is a genius pick as the closer. In terms of the beat, the vocals, the lyrics, the chorus and the versus it is easily the strongest track on the album. The hook in the chorus especially gets caught on repeat in your head.

Listening to this album has been a pleasure and it gets me excited to check out previous albums from Just Jerick. Go give him a follow and give this album a listen! You will not regret it!

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Album Review: No pressure

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