Album Review: Confessions Of A Ryder

Album Review: Confessions Of A Ryder
Confessions Of A Ryder

Ryder Rhodes Artist Background:

Ryder Rhodes, independent LGBTQ HipHop artist from North Carolina!

Album Review Confessions Of A Ryder

The first track on the album titled ‘Tell Em’ starts out with a bang with some great production mixed with a lyrically basic chorus that perfectly fits on the song. The versus on the song do show of some quality song writing though. Next up we have ‘I Ain’t a Bitch’ which starts of with a great flow. The production on this track has less going on then the first track but it lets Ryders lyrics come through. The following track ‘Senorita’ has the catchiest beat and chorus on the album so far. I can see this track being the best live track so far. It would get the cloud jumping to say the least. Waterfalls uses some similar to the first track on the album and it works even better for this track. It is mixed with a simple piano looping in and out through the track and really helps the lyrics to shine through to the front of the track.

Album Review 2nd 3rd

The second third of the album stars off with a song titles ‘Location’ that certainly starts off strong. Ryder has a great ear when it comes to mixing her flow with the production that is used on the songs. Next up we have ‘Lifestyle’ which is an all around fun track! It walks you through Ryders life and goes into great detail and yet again has a perfect flow. The 7th track on the album is titled ‘Hyper’ and the track does a perfect job of starting out slow and easing into a punch where the beat comes through in the perfect way. Even at the end the beat drops back down causing the perfect ending to the track.

Album Review: Confessions Of A Ryder

Album Review The Final Third

The final section of the album starts off with ‘Overdoes’ which is another track on the album that I think would go off live at a show. “Body on fire, I need a fire hose’ is a great line from the song as well. Next up is the track ‘Nobody’ that I think is perfectly placed on the album as it starts things off slowly to mix up the listener. It strips things down and causes the lyrics to hit on a different level then previous tracks did. The 10th track on the album is ‘Taken’ which has to be my favorite production on the album. The subtle ‘Taken’ singing in the back ground of the song is the icing on the cake for this track. The final track ‘I Don’t Know (Freestyle)’ is a great closer on the album. it sounds like it started out as a Freestyle and then the production came afterwards. You can also check out this track on our most recent Mixtape that was released.

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Album Review: Confessions Of A Ryder

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