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MyAfton Emerging Artist: Patrick Lew Band

Patrick Lew Band MyAfton Emerging artist Patrick Lew Band: I am Patrick Lew Hayashi. I was born in 1985 to a Chinese father and Japanese mother as Patrick Allan Lew. I was born and raised in San Francisco, and I still live in San Francisco present day! I played in various local bands since I [...]

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On Our Radar: April

On Our Radar Music On Our Radar For April we have decided to continue our On Our Radar segment where we highlight new music from up and coming artists. Our hope is to create a space for artists to help grow their fanbase by sharing new music that they put out. For April we have [...]

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Spotify: Understanding Your Artist Stats

Understanding Your Artist Stats One of the most crucial things for growth on Spotify is better understanding your artist stats. So we thought it would be good to write a blog article that goes over just that. Your Stats First off you will want to make sure that you have downloaded Spotify’s ‘App For Artists’ [...]

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Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums 2021

Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums 2021 In this article we will be trying out a new segment where we go over some of our most anticipated Rap / Hip Hop albums to be released in 2021. They might not all have exact dates that they will be released but we are excited none the less. [...]

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The Importance Of An Email List

cyberprmusic Importance Of An Email List For artists one of the main things we recommend to help in really all aspects of their career is building an email list. A lot of people think this is no longer needed with social media being on the rise, but we feel that it is still a crucial [...]