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Instagram Follower Goals!

The Big 10K When it comes to your social media and more specifically Instagram it is so important to try to reach 10,000 followers. Or better known as the big 10K. Your account will unlock a lot of cool new features that can help you as an artist! So today we will be going over [...]

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Afton Artist Tips 2!

Afton Artist Tips 2! We are continuing on with the Artist tips series! In this article we will show a couple other tips from some Afton artists! Take a listen as they have some great tips for up and coming artists! Artist Tips From Manic Phase Tips Follow Him: Instagram Twitter Facebook Artist Tips From [...]

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The Top DAW For Recording Music 2

Daw Software With such a big roster of aritsts on our site we often get asked the question “what is the best daw for recording music?”. Most artists are referring to when the go to record a song , but now that we launched LiveStream on our site aritsts use DAW’s for that as well. [...]

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Work-From-Home Job Ideas for Those in the Entertainment Industry

Image via Pexels Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans have either lost their job or experienced a significant reduction in hours. Among this group of people are those who work in the entertainment industry, as Hollywood and other prominent entertainment sectors have canceled or postponed countless productions.  If this is the situation you [...]

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In the Virtual World, You’re Worth Watching & Getting Paid For It.

Independent artists ask me every day, “Are my live streams and virtual concerts something my fans should pay for? Or should I give away my live stream shows for free?” I talk to thousands of independent bands, rappers, and musicians each week who are members of our MyAfton booking and live stream platform. So I [...]