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In the Virtual World, You’re Worth Watching & Getting Paid For It.

Independent artists ask me every day, “Are my live streams and virtual concerts something my fans should pay for? Or should I give away my live stream shows for free?” I talk to thousands of independent bands, rappers, and musicians each week who are members of our MyAfton booking and live stream platform. So I [...]

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What Artists Are Saying? 2

Artist Feedback As a company, one of the best methods to grow and better brand is by getting artist feedback and find out what customers are saying about you. That way whether it be good feedback or constructive criticism you can take it and use it to your benefit. Some would even say it is [...]

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What Artists Are Saying?

Artist Feedback One of our favorite things over at Afton Shows is getting artist feedback from our artists. It of course helps if it is good feedback, but even it is constructive criticism we can at least hear it and learn from it. This in turn will help us to grow as a company and [...]

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Different Types of Afton LiveStream Performances

LiveStream Find A LiveStream Format That Fits Your Style! In this blog article we will be walking you through a few different types of LiveStream performances that you can have using our platform. We realize that each artist is different and likes to perform shows different ways, so we that it would be important to [...]

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The Pros And Cons of Spotify Playlists

The Growth Of Your Spotify Audience Today we will be going over some of the pros and cons of different Spotify Playlists. It will be a bit of a follow up to the last blog article we wrote about “The Importance of Getting Your Song on a Spotify Playlist”. If you have not yet read [...]