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How the ‘Rule of 7’ Affects Your Show Promotion

The Rule Of Seven Have you heard of something called “The Rule of Seven”. Today we will be going over just what that is and how it can help with Music Marketing. Many years ago move studio bosses asked themselves the question “How many times they needed to promote their movie before someone went to [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: AWAL

AWAL Background Myafton Emerging artist AWAL: My name is Amelia Lang-Wallace. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and was adopted at a young age! AWAL (stage name), age 28 and I am from Lock Haven PA but I am currently in NYC. I sing and dabble in piano and guitar! When It All Started [...]

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Different Types of Afton LiveStream Performances

LiveStream Find A LiveStream Format That Fits Your Style! In this blog article we will be walking you through a few different types of LiveStream performances that you can have using our platform. We realize that each artist is different and likes to perform shows different ways, so we that it would be important to [...]

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The Pros And Cons of Spotify Playlists

The Growth Of Your Spotify Audience Today we will be going over some of the pros and cons of different Spotify Playlists. It will be a bit of a follow up to the last blog article we wrote about “The Importance of Getting Your Song on a Spotify Playlist”. If you have not yet read [...]

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Boosting Your LiveStream Promotion With Facebook Ads.

Boosting Your LiveStream Promotion Today we will be walking you through some tools that you can use to boost your promotion for an upcoming LiveStream show. There are limitless tools that you can use to promote a show but today we will be walking you through mainly using Facebook and Instagram to help promote. Facebook/Instagram [...]