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Album Review: the siCr E.P.

Something I Can’t Remember Band Background: With a wide range of influences, yet a sound that is unmistakably their own, Something I Can’t Remember burst out of the Chicago music scene with a sound that is equal parts melodic as well as in your face, take no prisoners punk rock, while also managing to incorporate [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: LaQuent Hogg

LaQuent Hogg Background My real name is LaQuent Hogg From north side Richmond Indiana. And I still reside in Richmond! 6 Questions with Ryder Rhodes When did you start playing music and what inspired you to give it a try? I started playing music when I was 13! I heard the older kids rapping one [...]

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Album Review: No Pressure

No Pressure Just Jerick Artist Background: Just Jerick is an up and coming artist from the Los Angeles area. Album Review No Pressure Just Jerick starts off the album full force. He skipped the intro take that some artists use for the first track and he dives directly into a full track which is titled [...]

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Afton Mixtape 2022 Part 2

We are very happy to bring you the Afton Mixtape 9.5. This time a round we are putting out an Afton Mixtape 2022 featuring tons of great artists that barely missed the deadline for the Afton Mixtape 2022, so this is part 2 of that. For this mixtape we picked some of the best song [...]

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Album Review: Confessions Of A Ryder

Confessions Of A Ryder Ryder Rhodes Artist Background: Ryder Rhodes, independent LGBTQ HipHop artist from North Carolina! Album Review Confessions Of A Ryder The first track on the album titled ‘Tell Em’ starts out with a bang with some great production mixed with a lyrically basic chorus that perfectly fits on the song. The versus [...]