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MyAfton Emerging Artist: Saint Pete

– Saint Pete MyAfton Emerging artist Saint Pete: My real name is Peter John Pappas, and I was born & raised in Park Ridge, Illinois! Growing up I lived in a medium sized home, in a safe neighborhood, where I could go outside and call on any of my best friends, to go on an [...]

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Artists Against COVID-19

Artists Against COVID-19 All of the Afton Mixtapes that we have put out have been in the  Rap, Hip Hop and R&B genres, but for the first time ever we are putting out a mixtape for only Bands, Solo artists and Pop Artists! The theme of this mixtape is “Artists against COVID-19”. COVID-19 Is Hitting [...]

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COVID-19 is Hitting The Live Events Industry Hard!

COVID-19 Is Hitting The Live Events Industry Hard! Not just bars and restaurants but Covid-19 is hitting the live events industry hard as well. Because of this, packages purchased at these special discounted prices will help Afton to continue to support our staff, and continue to keep planing shows for you and our other artists for May, [...]

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MyAfton Emerging Artist: Wicked X

– Wicked X MyAfton Emerging artist Wicked X government name is Joseph Ball. He is a 26 year old from the McCoy Colorado/Rifle Colorado area and is a Re-loop Dj Mixer. 9 Questions With Wicked X When Did You Start Playing Music and What Inspired You To Give It a Try? I’ve always had a [...]

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Afton Contest: Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle

Freestyle Rap Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle Now that we have finished up with the Afton Winter Mixtape we are moving on to our next Afton Contest. This contest will be the freestyle rap Instagram Battle. Freestyle Rap Prize The first place winner will receive $100 to the MyAfton Beat store, or if beats are not [...]