Album Review: Anti-herO

Myafton: Album Review Anti-herO

Big Nic Artist Background:

Big Nic is a 22 year old visionary from the capital of the A, Little Rock. His unique choice of beats is accompanied by his multiple personalities. No two Big Nic songs are alike!

Album Review Anti-herO

The album starts off with the track ‘Kripy II’. Some albums start of with just a clip or a skit for the album but instead Big Nic dives right in with a full track. This track also has a feature that goes by the name of ‘Cris Roccc’. The second track on the album ‘BBJ’ (which is also to be featured on our upcoming Mixtape) is all over the place in the best possible way! Everything from the back track to the chorus to the catchy chorus is just on point. Definitely an early standout on the album. With the third track ‘Go Hard’ it slows things down on the album and has the second feature on the album from ‘Guapo Rob’. The 4th track is titled ‘Rebel Heart’ and definitely has some dream wave elements in it as the backtrack fades in the background of the song.

The 5th track on the album ‘P’ seems to be a simple track but at the same time is packed with so many interesting elements through out the track. The icing on the cake is the guest vocals from 5ive Marly. The 6th track on the album ‘Spinna Night Bag’ starts off with some throw back instrumentals with some newer affects for the vocals. The combo fits perfectly on the track. The 7th track on the album is titled ‘Elevator Music’ is a perfect closer for the first 3rd of the album.

The 9th track on the album titled ‘NFT’ seems to be the perfect intro to the second third of the album. The 10th track on the album ‘bEtTeR tHaN mEe’ featuring the artist 3K Fazo has to have one of my favorite instrumentals on the album so far. They shine through the whole track! The 11th track on the album ‘Big Drop/River Styx’ definitely takes advantage of some perfectly timed pitch changes through out the song that really make it pop.

Album Review The Second Half

The 13th track on the album is lyrically one of my favorites on the album so far. The backing instrumentals are subtle but it makes the vocals pop even more which fits well for the song. The next track is titled ‘Anti Hero Anthem’ which goes over just that and it fits perfectly where it is placed on the album. The 15th track titled ‘Trap Magic’ seems to be the deepest track so far, but with the normal Big Nic flare that I have come to love. The 16th track ‘SYD’ starts off with a big punch as the instrumentals power through. This track is also featuring the artist So3lo which is a great fit for the track.

The next song on the album (17) is titled ‘Pressure’ and is an all around solid track. Everything from the flow to the instrumental just works great. The 18th track titled ‘Fidgeting’ has a feature by the name FNO 6 and is my favorite track with a feature on the album for sure. The change from Big Nic to FNO 6 is just pleasing to the ears. Next up we have ‘AWARD’ which has a great sample on it that plays throughout the song and makes the track really pop when it needs to.

The final three songs on the album start with ‘Contradiction’ which is another favorite of mine. The whole song just feels like a story that you want to continue to hear. The 21st track is an Outro that has so much to it that it feels like a stand alone track. Big Nic could not have picked a better closer for this album than ‘Humility’. It is filled with a mix of a voicemail from his grandma, some great instrumentals and a final vocal closer from him at the end of the track.

Myafton: Album Review Anti-herO

My Thoughts

All in all this was another great album from Big Nic. It showed a lot of growth from the artist but at the same time kept the wild, unique, and catchy style that we know so well from Big Nic. I would highly recommend giving this album a listen!

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Myafton: Album Review Anti-herO

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