How to Order Thermal Tickets or Get Physical Cash Tickets?

If already confirmed on an Afton show and you’ve completed the e-contract for that show:

1. Login to your account and click on the “My Shows” section.

2. Then click on the Confirmed show date you’re on to go to that show’s Confirmed Dashboard.

3. From here, you can click the Tickets link in the center of the page and then click the “Get Physical Tickets” sub navigation link, or click the green “Get Physical Tickets” button that is on the right display of your Confirmed Dashboard.

Note: You can always order Thermal Tickets from our Design Center, to get there click the “Ticket & Flyer Creator” link at the top of the page. Or you can click on the “Store” link.

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If you’re not booked on an Afton show, and need tickets for a NON-Afton show:

1. Login to and either go to the “Store” and click create thermal tickets, or you can click the “Ticket & Flyer Creator” link at the top of the page to go to the Design Center directly.

2. Choose the Non-Afton show if this is not for an upcoming Afton event.

3. Then just fill out artist name and the show information, double check that everything is correct! Then you can order your Thermal Tickets.

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