Will My Booking Rep be at My Show?

Unfortunately, your Booking Rep will not be able to attend your show. All of our Booking Staff works out of our main office in Portland, Oregon. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to fly our Booking Reps out to the shows they book, though they wish that we could. This does allow us to better manage our Booking Staff and ensure that they are doing the best job that they can. It would be logistically impossible to manage 35 part-time Booking Reps scattered across the country. So this is why we have full-time Booking Reps working in our main office.

We train and manage the Afton Show Managers that are on-site for each show. In some cases, one of the venue managers has been trained to be our Afton Show Manager. Show Managers are selected and trained by our HR department and they live in your area. A Show Manager is scheduled to be on-site to run the show and take care of you.

Our Show Managers and the venue manager has access to our 24/7 show support line that someone from our office monitors at all times. So if anything comes up that needs to be verified or clarified they can reach us.

*Note: Each month we produce anywhere from 80-100 concerts in the U.S. and Canada. Despite our best efforts, day of show emergencies can happen with our Show Managers (family emergencies, car accidents, severe illness, sudden death in the family, etc). Each month, on average, we have only 2 to 5 events (out of 80-100) where our scheduled Show Manager has an emergency and cannot make the show. In these cases we have constant contact with the Venue Manager, and he or she will run the show for us - following all policies and provided with all booking notes so that things go as planned. Anytime this occurs, we incur the extra cost, so obviously we never intend or want a last minute Show Manager emergency to occur. Although, this can happen, it occurs in less than 5% of the shows we produce. In most cities, we do have 1-2 backup Show Managers as well.

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