Why doesn’t Afton promote in [insert ad medium here]?

Over the years, we’ve tried pretty much every promo idea that we’ve come across. And every time we try a promo idea, we measure the results, to see if it is effective and cost-effective. Our aim is to maximize attendance for our shows, maximize exposure for our artists, and maximize payouts for the artists who work hard to draw out fans. The things that we currently do to promote every show have stood up to careful testing and have proven to be the most effective for maximizing attendance – as well as exposure and payouts for our artists.

If something is NOT effective but has a cost – even if it’s just a labor cost to pay staff to do it – then it’s cutting into what we are able to pay our hardest working artists. When that’s the case, we don’t do that type of promo, because we want to keep artist payment as high as possible.

But when something is cost-effective, either for adding attendance or gaining exposure for our artists, then we’re thrilled to be able to make that type of promo a high priority.

Any type of promo we’re not doing has probably not stood up to rigorous testing and we’ve found to be in effective for the costs involved. But if you think there’s an opportunity we’re missing out on, please email your suggestion to your Booking Rep, so we can test it out.

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