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Need help? If you purchased online Tickets at for an Afton local/regional artist show, please see below.

Help Articles (Below):

1. I Cannot Find My Tickets.
2. My Tickets were Sent to the Wrong Email.
3. I was Charged Twice for My Purchase.
4. The Event was Canceled.
5. Refund Policy for Online Tickets.

How to Contact Ticket Support

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the help articles below? Our online ticket support team is happy to help! Email us at:

1. I Cannot Find My Tickets

If you’re having issues finding your tickets after purchasing them – don’t panic! After each ticket purchase we email a success message to you that has the tickets attached to the email. Just click the PDF file and download them from there.

  • If you’re not able to find the email please make sure to check your spam folder in case it was filtered into there.
  • You can also log back into your account and download the tickets directly from there.

If you need help logging back into your account, please try this:

Make sure you go to the online ticket site for our local/regional artist shows at

  • Click “Login | Sign Up” in upper right corner.
  • Now sign into the customer account that you purchased your tickets with on the right side with the heading “Returning Customer.”
  • You can use the “Sign in with Facebook” option if you did so previously
  • OR fill in your email address and password
  • If you forgot your password or login info, click the “Forgot Password” link

Once logged in, you’ll see a “Download Ticket(s)” button for the show you are attending. Click that button and it will download your online tickets as a .pdf file.

Note: If your mobile phone won’t allow you to download your online ticket .PDF file try downloading it on a desktop computer.

You can also click “Ticket History” to see previous ticket orders, change your password, or edit your profile.

If you previously used the “Sign in with Facebook” feature when purchasing tickets, and you can’t remember your password, make sure you are typing in the email address that you use to sign into Facebook with when clicking “forgot password”. IF the email does not match, our system won’t recognize or find your previously created account.

2. My Tickets Were Sent To The Wrong Email

If you entered in an incorrect email when you purchased your tickets you will need to email us at and let us know the following info so we can look up your order.

  1. Show date:
  2. Artist that you bought tickets for:
  3. The city/location of the event:
  4. The email used for the purchase (If you remember):

Once we have that info we should be able to locate the tickets for you and resend them to your preferred email address.

3. I Was Charged Twice For My Purchase

In the rare case that you see two charges for tickets on your statement, it is because one of the purchases attempt did not go through for your order. IF incorrect info was given, the purchase will fail, but your bank may hold the funds for 1-2 business days after-which the charge will disappear.

4. None Of the Above Work

Please remember as a last resort your tickets will be at will call at the venue. We have a show manager at each event that prints out the whole will call list and has it at the door. So if you have tried all of the above and you still are not able to access your tickets as a last resort just bring your ID to the show and tell the door person that your name is on the list and you can show your ID to get it as long as it matches the “purchaser name” that was given on the site when you bought the tickets.

5. If the Event was Canceled or Rescheduled

This is extremely rare. We produce over 1,000 concerts each year and very few have to be rescheduled or canceled. But, if for whatever reason the event you purchased tickets to see was canceled or rescheduled, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to help. Typically we honor tickets to a future event or reschedule date, but depending on the circumstance of the cancellation or reschedule you may be eligible for a refund.

6. Refund Policy for Online Tickets

There is a NO refund policy for online tickets if the artist you bought tickets to see cancels their performance, misses their scheduled performance, or is barred from the venue due to misconduct. However, in these cases, Afton will honor any tickets sold for a future reschedule date for that artist or for any other Afton local/regional show that you’d like to attend.

If the event is canceled by an act of God or a reason outside of our control we will reschedule the event and honor your tickets to that show.

If you ever have any questions please contact

Thank you for supporting local music!

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