LiveStream Soundcheck

One of the great things about our LiveStream platform is that we walk you through the whole process during set up, instead of sending you to another website. We incorporate instructions within our LiveStream platform, or we link to one of our own help articles so you never have to leave the site.

When you book a livestream with us by default we give all artists 10 minutes for sound check which is almost double the amount of time that most of our artists need in order to properly test for their upcoming stream.

  • By Default the artist gets a 10 minutes soundcheck
  • When an artist reaches gets 1-10 tickets sold for their event that time doubles to 20 minutes.
  • When the artist gets 11-20 tickets sold that amount of time goes up again to 30 minutes.

We have to cap sound check time because we are charged by the minute even if an artist never does a LiveStream.

We recommend right after setting up your LiveStream show heading to the Tech Rider within your account and filling that out as well. Once you are finished you will be taken to the Sound Test (Soundcheck). We recommend getting that out of the way first thing so that you are confident with your set for your upcoming stream.

Following the sound check you can go ahead and start promoting the show. That way, once at least one ticket is sold you can always head back into your account and do some more testing if you want.

If any questions come up along the way please feel free to reach out to your booking rep or email

Enjoy your show!

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