LiveStream: Performance Tips & Ideas

Performance Tips & Ideas

In this help article we will be going over some great tips that can help you improve the overall quality of your LiveStream performance. We hope that you can use them for your upcoming LiveStream event.


Make sure to make the background of your performance stand out to make sure your show more enticing for fans! You can do this with a few methods.

  1. Create a backdrop for your performance that ties into the theme of your show.
  2. If you are able to rent or buy (or if you already have one) you could use a projector that displays some affects behind you for your performance.
  3. A lot of artists have put on great shows by having Hype men/women or dancers that help stregthen their show. You could use some choreographed dancers in the background for some of your songs or just have a Hype men/women there to help you out with some of your songs.
  4. You could have your setlist shown in the background to help fans anticipation level rise as they get closer to some of their personal favorite songs of yours.

Live Q/A

Either before or after your LiveStream set you could have a live Q/A with your fans. This is a great way to make the shows more personal for fans. Sometimes fans will ask specific questions about the meaning of songs or how you wrote a specific song. Depending on how personal you want to get with your fans this can bring them closer to you as an artist as it will help them connect with songs if they relate to the fan.

You could also have a Q/A that is geared more towards asking the fans which songs they would like to hear in your LiveStream set. Most artists have more songs ready to perform then they had initially prepared to perform for their show so you could then alter your set to reflect some more songs that fans specifically ask for.

Live Set Sneak Peak

A lot of aritsts will actually use a livestream as a way to show fans what their new set will sound like when they go on tour. This is a great way to give fans a “sneak peak” at what is to come with their live show.

At a time when no shows are not happening (because of the social distancing rules that come with COVID-19) and artists are having to wait to go on tour this makes the live set sneak peak an even better option. It keeps the fans up to date on your music and where you are as an artist/band.

Album Listening Party

Another cool option for your show is to advertise it as a listening party once your set has ended. So after your show is over you can play some of your new songs that are going to be released for your fans so they can get a taste of the new songs.

This is a great way to get your music out to your fans before they are released. Sometimes labels or companies might have your music releases delayed which means your fans can’t listen to them. However this is a great way to get around that so your fans will be able to listen to some of the new tracks before they are released.

We hope that you can use some of these ideas and tips to help improve your LiveStream performance.

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