How to Turn Booking OFF?

*Note: You must be an Admin on your Artist Profile in order to turn booking off or on.

At anytime you can toggle BOOKING "OFF." We'll still keep your account active and your public artist profile page will still be online. But we will no longer email you about show offers, and we'll no longer notify you of show dates through the "My Shows" section of your account.

If you're going on hiatus just for a few months, or you know you don't want show offers for awhile please email your Booking Rep and request that we don't offer you shows for awhile. Then we can note that in your account and you'll start seeing shows again on the date you specified. This is better than turning booking off because we automatically turn it back on for you at the right time.

If you know you won't want any show offers indefinitely then you can turn booking off. You can always turn it back on at anytime.

We designed our platform to save you time, hassle, and to fit your needs. Turn on Booking when you need it. Turn it off when on Hiatus. No matter what you do, we're always here for you and ready to talk about shows!

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