How to Refer Artists to MyAfton?

Afton is always looking for talented musicians and emerging acts! You can refer bands, rappers, solo acts, groups, and musicians to join our MyAfton community.

The best part? Any musician that you REFER to MyAfton is tracked by our system. When that musician's live act performs on their 1st MyAfton show you GET PAID $1.00 for every Fan they draw to that show (as long as they draw 10 or more fans).

There is no limit on earnings. We have some well-connected artists that have referred 100's of musicians to us and some of them have been earning over $5,000 per year off of Artist Referrals.

So help out your friends, invite them to MyAfton, and earn some extra cash.


1. Login to your User Account.

2. Click "Invite Artists" link at the top of the page.


1. UPLOAD CSV FILE: If you have lots of email addresses of musicians you know or work with, you can upload a .csv file (or Excel spreadsheet). Make sure you have only 1 email address in each row. Once uploaded, those email addresses are forever tracked as your referral.

2. REFER VIA EMAIL: You can type in or copy and paste email addresses manually into the Refer via Email field, make sure each email address is separated by a comma.

3. SHARE ON FACEBOOK: Click the Connect & Share button to automatically post your unique Referral URL to your Facebook page. Anyone that clicks on your Referral URL page and signs up will be tracked in our system as your referral.

4. LINK: You can also use the "Copy Link" button to copy your unique Referral URL page. Then you can email it out, post to your website and social sites, or text message it to musicians that you're friends with.

If you try to invite an email address that is already an existing MyAfton user, or if an already existing MyAfton user tries to sign up with your Referral URL it will not count as your referral. Only musicians that have not yet had an account with us or musicians that have not been referred by other members of our platform can qualify as your referral. Also, please understand that if you verbally tell your friends about MyAfton and they sign up on their own (without using your Referral URL link), or if you didn't invite their email address before they signed up, then we will have no way to track or prove that you referred them and they will not qualify as your referral.

We recommend that anytime you refer musicians to MyAfton you make clear to them that they need to sign up through your Referral URL link in order for you to get credit for their referral. Or, the safest way is for you to directly invite their email address through this refer artists tool.

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