How do I get booked for a weekend?

Any time we have weekend dates available, they always go to the artists who have already played our shows and drawn well on weekdays. So the best way to get booked for a weekend show is to play and draw well on another night of the week.

There are some important things to consider when deciding what days of the week you are ABLE to play. If you refuse to play certain days of the week, you probably are going to miss out on fun/good show opportunities.

We have found DAY OF WEEK does not matter nearly as much as some local artists "think" it does.

Almost always, the weekends will go first to national/regional tours, then to regional/local bands with huge bar draws, then the bands the owner personally knows or has worked with for the past 5+ years, etc, etc. Many times clubs will need the bar to bring $2500+ on a weekend to meet their minimum monthly budget, so they intentionally refuse the "all ages local shows" and instead get in the bar bands they know have a huge draw of fans that love to drink.

So between that, and the fact there only 8 weekends per month, compared to the 22 weekDAYS in a month - it makes sense that weekends are just not an option sometimes (if ever), depending on the club or the city.

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