LiveStream: How to Download & Install OBS Studio App

OBS Studio is a free desktop app that you’ll need in order to LiveStream with MyAfton. OBS captures your audio and video output, in real-time as you perform, and sends it to our streaming platform so that your fans can watch your LiveStream gig. You can’t LiveStream without an app like OBS. There are other options, but for simplicity we recommend our artists use OBS.

PRO TIP: Everything we’ll teach you about how to setup your MyAfton LiveStream is worth taking the time to learn. Because after you do this the first time, you’ll be an expert on it and every LiveStream you do will be easy.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute!

Please do ALL the steps in the Tech Rider in your account ASAP. Don’t wait until the day of your show! That way you’re completely familiar with how everything works, and IF you run into any troubleshooting problems you have enough time to contact us and figure it out well before showtime.

Download & Install OBS Studio

  1. Start by Downloading OBS Studio Here for the operating system your computer is running (Mac or Windows).
  2. Once downloaded, double click the app to install it. It’s probably located in your Downloads file.
  3. If your computer asks to trust this file say yes. Once you open the file it will walk you through the installation steps.
  4. Once installed you can open up OBS.
  5. If OBS asks you if you’d like to run the “Auto-Configuration Wizard?” just say NO. We’ll show you how to set it up correctly later on.
  6. We recommend that you keep the OBS file either on your dock or on your desktop so it’s easy to find whenever you stream.

Open & Setup OBS

For now, just open up OBS Studio and make sure that it opens without any problems. We’ll teach you how to setup and use OBS after you complete the Tech Rider in your account when you get to the LiveStream Connection Test section.

The Best Musician Focused LiveStream Platform

We are so excited for you to perform your first MyAfton LiveStream gig! We are the only musician focused LiveStream platform that offers the highest payout to artists and that makes learning how to LiveStream easy and hassle free!

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