Instagram Follower Goals!

Myafton: Instagram Follower Goals

The Big 10K

When it comes to your social media and more specifically Instagram it is so important to try to reach 10,000 followers. Or better known as the big 10K. Your account will unlock a lot of cool new features that can help you as an artist! So today we will be going over your Instagram follower goals and why you should have them.

The Journey

We realize that right off the bat that number seems really high for a lot of people, but it for sure can be done (We actually wrote an article about tips on how to grow your Instagram followers which you can reach HERE). And we are proof of that. We had about 900 or so followers and when we started to tweak our posts and put on some fun contests we were able to reach that in just over a year.

What You Unlock

Normally Instagram only gives you the ability to have a link in your Instagram bio (within your account). And you are not able to post clickable links in other places. You can always just paste a link into the comments section or in the description of your post. However these links are not clickable on Instagram.

The main thing that you unlock when you reach 10K followers on instagram is the ability to share links to your story. At first this doesn’t sound like much, but really this is a HUGE benefit to artists. When you post a story you can click a button at the top of your story section and paste in a link. This gives the ability for your followers to be able to click straight to the website that you are referring to in your post.

Myafton: Instagram Follower Goals

Why Is This Important?

There are a ton of reasons how you can apply this feature and why it is important:

  1. You can send followers to your merch page. Lets be honest just about all artists have some kind of merch that they sell and they can mainly only do so at a venue when they have a show. That is why this is such a huge win for the artist.
  2. If you have a blog or a main website that you want to send fans to you can create a little image or video post about it with a ‘Swipe up” at the bottom that brings them straight to it.
  3. If you are the kind of artists that is a bit of an entrepreneur then you can also use this feature to sell to others. So you can post about their product and then add the link to the sellers website.
  4. Lastly if you are an artist that is on a label you can use this to help promote your label mates music to your followers and add the link so they can go straight to the music.

Don’t Buy Followers

We know that sometimes the task of reaching 10K followers can be a bit daunting, but whatever you do not buy followers as a shortcut! Even though you will reach the 10K amount faster and possibly unlock this feature who are you going to post to? After all when people buy followers in most cases those followers are just bots or fake accounts and they will surely not be interacting with your post.

Even though it sounds tempting to take a big shortcut and buy the followers to reach your goal it will not pay off in the long run. Organic growth is the best kind of growth when it comes to followers! You also build up loyalty form your fans when you do it the correct way.

We hope this article was helpful to you and that maybe it gives you a little bit more drive to reach the big 10K goal so that you can unlock the awesome feature!

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