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– Has This Happened To You? Some people have been trying a scam on Afton artists. We want all MyAfton rappers, bands, and musicians to be aware of this so you don’t get caught in this Afton Scam. It’s only affected a small group of our artists, but we are always on the look out and shutting [...]

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What motivates you?

Motivation Always On Your A Game It would be great it we could stay 100% on our A game at all times, but as we all know, life can be challenging, and sometimes it is hard to stay positive and motivated. What helps you stay positive and focused on the bigger picture? I tend to [...]

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Afton’s Take: Should You Ever Pay to Play?

Should I ever Pay to Play? Thousands of Afton artists have asked us over the years, “Should I ever Pay to Play? Is it ever worth it?” You’ve probably heard many musicians call these types of opportunities a scheme, a scam, or a ripoff. It’s a valid question. Since we were founded by musicians, for [...]

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Believe In Yourself Background Let me start by saying, I am not an artist. But I have been an entrepreneur working to build Afton since 2006 with more ups and downs than I can even remember. I feel there are so many similarities between being an artist trying to make it in the music industry, [...]

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What Temperature Are Your Fans?

What Do You Want From Your Fans? When it comes to attracting new fans to your live show, it is important to use strategies that are most effective and that will be the best use of your time. When you are trying to make a fan, what you are really doing is trying to get [...]