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Afton Contest for April

We’re excited to announce our AFTON CONTEST for the month of April! The winner will receive $50 to our Afton Beat Store OR 75 free Fliers from our printing Store. We want you to be a part of our social media following and we want to be a part of yours! So we ask that [...]

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What Temperature Are Your Fans?

What Do You Want From Your Fans? When it comes to attracting new fans to your live show, it is important to use strategies that are most effective and that will be the best use of your time. When you are trying to make a fan, what you are really doing is trying to get [...]

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Merch Table Tactics That Work

Image via Flickr / CC license In our last blog, we gave you some suggestions on the fundamental items of your merch table. Now what? Achieving Maximum Exposure Let’s go a bit deeper into putting together and managing your merch table at your shows. These are some solid tactics that will help you sell or [...]

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Afton Artist Success Stories

Image by sasint on Pixabay Here at Afton, one of our favorite things to read are artist success stories. We ran a contest last year to get some insight on how we were doing as a company and we asked our artists the following: Explain how we’ve helped you, whether through a certain show, by [...]

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Maximize Promo Codes to Get Fans to Buy Tickets Now!

Promo Codes Save Your Fans Money On Tickets What are Promo Codes? Afton provides Promo Code discounts to our artists to help get fans to buy Tickets early on. Promo Codes save your fans money off the advance Ticket price. Promo Codes do not affect your artist payout, Afton eats the cost of these discounts [...]