Afton LiveStream Launch Helps Music Artists Get Paid to Perform Despite COVID-19

Myafton: Afton LiveStream Launch

A widely-recognized platform pivots to bring music to the masses and a generous revenue share to performers.

Portland, OR – May 18, 2020 -In the wake of COVID-19, the world wants a way back to what was blissfully taken for granted. Most are determined to embrace the new norm at all costs so, like never before, forward-thinking companies take center stage.  Enter, Afton LiveStream.  Set to launch the MyAfton LiveStream platform for independent music artists and the Afton Tickets LiveStream platform for event organizers, signed major artists, and promoters in June of this year.

The streaming service will not only bring live music back, they’ll generously pay the artist for it. Call it the ultimate approach to social distancing that loves fans while it brings in revenue to music artists. Putting on 1,000 shows a year pre-COVID-19 and providing online ticketing for event organizers nationwide, MyAfton and Afton Tickets is no small operation. Changing with the times, the company now readies itself to stream live concerts worldwide.  Welcome to the digital age virtual stage.  It supports independent and large touring artists, promoters, and event organizers, and tells fans, ”Stay Home. Save Music. Watch a LiveStream.” 

The best part of our live music stream model is, fans can support the artists they love during this financial crisis. Human connection is so vital to our well-being so, performing shows and connecting with fans is more important now than ever for all of us. Watching an interactive LiveStream performance can help mend us back together in so many ways.

Amy Kintz, Owner and COO of Afton, LLC

With two platforms, one for smaller independent artists and one for larger, signed touring musicians, MyAfton and Afton Tickets, support the biggest profit share model in the business.  Focused on providing revenue for the artist, the platforms are free for them and their promoters to use. Large touring acts keep 100% of the ticket face value, and independent artists keep 70-90%.  Tips are included, too. 

Afton Tickets LiveStream charges a small ticket fee for their services and takes zero percent of the pay-per-view face value of ticket sales.  They provide daily ticket fund payouts, a 24/7 account manager, customer service, and a promoter portal to create and edit live-stream shows, among numerous other features.  The all-in-one platform serves the promoter, the artist, and the fans right down to a live chat and a virtual tip jar. 

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Afton, LLC is the parent company of MyAfton and Afton Tickets. The platforms have sold over 3.2 million tickets for 15,000 shows in 70 US cities since 2004.

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