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Afton LiveStream: Built by musicians, FOR musicians!

Afton LiveStream Live streaming is not a new thing, but Covid-19 has exploded the demand for these types of services like never before. Here at Afton, we are adaptable and scrappy; as the music industry requires. The day our first event was canceled because of the corona virus, we began the planning and development of [...]

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MyAfton Live Stream Virtual Performances Can Help Artists Make Money During COVID-19.

Recently, artists of all sizes have ramped up their free livestream performances on Facebook for donations only. But what if you could design a unique, special, and interactive LiveStream performance that you could sell virtual pay-per-view tickets for? How much more money could artists be making to help support their music career if they used [...]

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We are in this together!

– Dear Afton Members, On behalf of the entire Afton & Afton Tickets team, we wanted to reach out and reinforce our commitment to you. We’re music people, just like you. And, while we are all adapting to these new circumstances, some things remain the same: •We know you are relying on Afton to provide [...]

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Bands Claim Afton Shows is a Scam?

This is Ryan Kintz, the owner of Afton Shows and MyAfton. For many years, there have been dozens of bands, rappers, and musicians on the internet that claim Afton is a scam, or pay to play, or a battle of the bands. Today I’m going to dive into this, openly and honestly, and give a [...]

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How to Get a Booking Agent

How to Get a Booking Agent The question I get asked the most by our independent rappers and bands is “How do I Get a Booking Agent?” The second most asked question is typically, “How do I get signed to a Record Label?” As a Musician myself, I know firsthand how “impossible” it can sometimes [...]