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How to Sell 20 Tickets

So you think you can’t sell any tickets, eh? Well, here’s twelve tips to help you get over your doubts! FRIENDS AND FAMILY: If you haven’t already hit up those closest to you, what are you doing? This is an easy layup. A no-brainer. Ticket sales and marketing 101. If the people closest to you [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: Tassel Gang

Get to know Cleveland based group “Tassel Gang” in this weeks Emerging Artist series! Tassel Gang’s ages range from 8 to 38. They are a Levitical Music Ensemble promoting Hebrew Israelite culture out of Cincinnati, OH. They were formed after TY-Serv joined Israel Noww and began to lead the music ministry. TY-Serv was finishing his [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: Lil Dipski

Afton connected with Cincinnati based group Lil Dipski to get to know them more! Hi, we’re Andy Threm, Mike Threm, and Jonathan Crase better known as Lil Dipski. Jonathan is seventeen and Mike and I are sixteen. All three of us are from Colerain Township in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mike and I are twins and Jonathan [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: BFloss

The 29-year old Montreal native B-Floss (born Biondy Benoit) hails from the streets of Rosemount. He’s a charismatic self-proclaimed up and coming rapper with a velvety smooth lyrical flow. Rap music is his forte and he aims to deliver tracks that will arouse your senses and peak your interest. Influenced by the likes of the [...]

Talking About afton-artist

Afton Emerging Artist: Base Yung

Gett to know another amazing Emerging Artist from the Delaware area: Base Yung!  – Tell us a little about yourself (name, age, location): My name is Charles Vincent Mtawali also known as Base Yung, 27. I am an International Act from overseas ( Dar es Salaam, Tanzania). I currently live in the first state of [...]