Music Promotion 101

Myafton: Music Promotion 101

Music Promotion 101

In this article we will be going over some simple but very important promotional tips for either promoting your music or promoting an up coming concert.

Build a Website and Email List

Though in the age of social media and having a social media presence it is crucial for artists to have a website. This can be used for a general hub to list all your social media accounts in one place. You can also have a calendar that lists your upcoming shows as well.

Another good use for a website is to list your merchandise on there. (If you need any help with setting up a merch store we have you covered CLICK HERE to find out more info). Sometimes when artists here about a website they say “but how much would that be?”. Now a days there are so many options for building a website and quite a few of them are free! With a simple google search you can find a ton of great options for this.

On your website you can also have a “Join My Email List” button. This is such an effective way to get in touch with your fans! After all most artist are not going to have each of their fans phone numbers so email is usually the next best option. A lot of the same information can be posted on social media but a lot of social media platforms have limitations. For instance on Instagram you cannot post links until you have 10K followers. So it is important to take the time to built both an Email list and a website.

Myafton: Music Promotion 101

Get On Playlists

Playlists on streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify are quickly gaining popularity and is becoming a great way to gain new fans! Some even say streaming services are the new record stores because of how effective they are for spreading new music.

There are a ton of way that you can submit your music to popular playlists or even start your own and build a community with other artists from being in the same playlist as them. But first you will need to make sure and setup an account on the various streaming platforms. That is step one before you are even able to submit to certain playlists or even add your music on the platforms.

We also wrote a great article about the Pros and Cons of streaming playlists that you can read over if you are looking for more information on how the playlists work. You can find that HERE

Myafton: Music Promotion 101

Creating Content on Social Media

There are so many social media platforms to choose from to get your content out there, but Tik Tok is quickly becoming one of the biggest social media platforms out there. Which is great for artists because it is a video platform, so you can post music video snippets with audio from your song in the videos.

Other platforms like Youtube are also great for this because you can post full videos. So it is perfect for getting people hooked on your music from Tik Tok and then sending them over to your Youtube to listen to the full song. A lot of artists use YouTube for Album release parties as well.

With social media the possibilities are truly endless for getting your content out there to the world. Just remember if you have a website setup to always put the link to it in your social media account. That way fans can make their way to your website and they can find everything in one place.

Myafton: Music Promotion 101

Reach Out To Local Radio Station, Blogs and Podcasts

One of the main things that artists learn in their career is that they need to grind in order to make it. Sometimes it takes that extra little bit of energy to get in a festival to get your song on the radio or to get invited on a tour.

Local radio stations are a great place to start. Google local stations around you and don’t be afraid to reach out via phone or email. Try to get them to play your music and if they say no then keep trying. This same method should be used for podcasts and blogs. Continue to reach out and don’t take no for an answer. The first time you reach out they may say no because they have not heard of you but maybe by the next time you reach out it is after you played some shows and they might say “yeah I caught your show last month, lets make this happen!”

In Closing

Hopefully you were able to find some great tips from giving this article a read and are able to implement some of them to help your career. If you need some motivation just think of how artists did it back in the day vs how many different platforms are available now for artists. That should help to push you forward because the amount of platforms you can use are endless!

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