Album Review: I Want It All

Myafton: Album Review: I Want It All

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We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of ‘I Want It All” by BoobieBlood. We recommend this album to anyone that is looking for some new Hip Hop to add to their music rotation.


Rasheed Abdullah goes by the stage name Boobieblood. He is an up and coming hip hop artist from the Minneapolis area and has been working with Afton for a couple years now.

I Want It All

The EP ‘I Want It All’ starts off on a great note with the first track titled ‘In Advance’. Starting with a solid beat that is simplistic in the best way. He makes it very clear is is not in it to make friends with the catchy chorus from the first track “Tell them suckas I did not come to make friends. You want a feature? Tell them, pay me in advance”.

The second track on the EP titled ‘Watch Out’ has a completely different take than the first track. Through out the track there is not an obvious chorus to it which makes the track all that much more interesting. Almost as if there was too much to say in the track to fit a chorus into it. The beat is softer, but has a lot more going on in the background of the track which works great in conjunction with the format of the song.

The third track on the album titled ‘Champion’ has the most infectious beat for all the tracks on the EP so far. It helps the lyrics flow through the song with ease and make the chorus pop even more than it would with a different beat. There is also a lot of truth in this track as well. Dissing on rappers with the lyrics: “a lot of rappers out her rappin bout the same Sh*t”.

The Second Half

The fourth track on the album titled ‘Fastlife’ is the first track on the album that has a feature on it. The song is featuring an artist that goes by the name ‘Chuurrch’. The beat for this track has a similar tempo to the one from the first track and it works great in this song as well. One of my favorite lines on the song (and the whole album really) is “I hear some N***s made a hit, that shit aint gonna last. Cause it sound like other N***s and they all trash”.

The fifth track on the album titled ‘From Nothin” starts off with a bang. The lyrics fit perfectly with the theme of the song as you can hear the emotion pour through the lyrics: “I’m fed up with that fake s**t, now i’m about to go ape s**t”. The song can easily be an anthem for so many listeners.

The final track on the album titled “Man of My Word” starts off with a soft intro beat that gradually shifts into a banger. Boobie shifts effortlessly with different flows through out the track. One of my personal favorite lines on the track is “I am a man of my word, everything that I got, I had to get out and earn.” Boobie makes it very clear with this line that he worked hard for what he has and he is here to stay.

Myafton: Album Review: I Want It All

All in all this EP (I Want it All) is very solid and it left me wanting more. I am excited to hear the full album from Boobieblood. Be sure to keep an eye out for his new music as it drops!






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