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Afton Emerging Artist: Born Soul

Born Soul Son of A Local Legend in Austin, TX Kelly Hancock – aka Born Soul – is a native of Austin, TX. His dad is a local legend and was lead singer of the group “The Satellites” during the late 60s and 70s. The Satellites were contracted to perform huge gigs for local military [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: Juss Smoke

Juss Smoke Strong Love for the West Coast Vibes Born May 26, 1987, the Atlanta, GA native Jeffrey Mathis went by J Math for awhile until he changed his name professionally to Juss Smoke in 2018. “Juss Smoke” was born in Los Angeles, California due to his Strong Love & admiration for west coast vibes [...]

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Afton Emerging Artist: Bonnette Da Bandit

Bonnette Da Bandit From Two Radios to Writing His Own Raps Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Bonnette Da Bandit started writing raps in 1996 at the age of 14 or 15. He started out recording on tape using two radios. By the end of the year, he upgraded to a keyboard and a mic hanging from [...]

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Afton Contest for March

Here at Afton we like to have contests that our artists can be a part of, so they have an additional way of showing off their talents to the world. As of now we have new contests every other month and soon we hope to have them monthly. Check out our current contest below. Afton [...]

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Afton Summer Contest Winners

This summer we ran contests for our active artists! We just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who participated, and let you know that we have a lot more where these came from! On that note, we wanted to recognize our winners and share a little more about them: Born Soul [...]