How Far out Should You Schedule Your LiveStream? A Fortnight’s just right.

How Far out Should You Schedule

We’re all just waiting at home: waiting for things to change, waiting for things to get better, waiting for that push to get us back on our feet and hopefully past 2020. 

When I was little, my parents were notorious for saying, “Ryan, the laundry’s not going to do itself.” Or, “Hey Ryan, your room wants to know when you’re going to clean it?” The point is, we can wait, and wait, and wait for things to change, or we can be the ones to change them ourselves. Now that Afton has a LiveStream Platform, it’s up to you to get that ball moving, but don’t worry, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Click Here for Afton’s LiveStream. 

Planning your LiveStream is like sitting down to start a drawing, or a song, or any new project: the hardest part is the-getting-started. Once you’ve done that, the question becomes, “How far out should I schedule my LiveStream?” 

Before constructing a tower, a person sits down and figures out the costs. The worst thing you can do is half-build a tower only to realize you didn’t save enough funds to finish it. Don’t put in all the creative sweat, and the artistic blood of planning your LiveStream, only to find that nobody showed up to it. 

A Good Rule for any RSVP is the 2 weeks-notice (fortnight). If you send out a scheduled LiveStream a month before your show, many people forget about it, and worse, they get less excited about it as the days drag on, especially during this pandemic.

Scheduling your LiveStream show is like Goldilocks and the three bears: Not too hot, not too cold, but just right. In your case, it’s not too soon, not too far away, but just long enough in advance that people can plan for it, and still be excited about it as the days draw near. A Fortnight is just Right!

In today’s age of social-media, especially with the Pandemic, everyone’s already connected. That’s the good the news. If you let your fans know about your upcoming LiveStream with 2-weeks notice, it’s a good set amount of time for them to make sure that they are around to support you. A Fortnight is long enough to give people notice, but not so long that your fans become disinterested. As the days count down, you can begin to count down with them.

 Scheduling your LiveStream may include considering the following:

A). Good Internet connection – If you plan on LiveStreaming, you need to make sure it’s at a time that is optimal for internet connection. For example, planning your LiveStream on Election Day may lead to a crash of your internet, or your fans’ internet!

B). Be aware of other things going on – If there are a ton of rallies, or live shows going on the same night, it might be worth planning it on a night that seems to have more downtime. The more people who don’t have plans yet, the better it is for you.

C). Lights? Camera? Action? Make sure you get all your ducks in a row. Planning a Successful LiveStream requires some work. That’s why We’ve got you covered here at Afton. We’re here to make sure you’ve got everything you need, and make sure all the boxes have been checked. 

D). Have you utilized Social Media? Created a Facebook Event? Advertised your LiveStream on Instagram, or SnapChat, or Tik Tok? Utilize what you have in advance to make sure people are aware of your show.

E). Have a good time! Don’t stress so much about it. Your Fan’s 2 week countdown is also YOUR 2 week countdown. Enjoy it. Celebrate yourself, and Celebrate your accomplishments.

Just Remember, when it comes to scheduling a LiveStream in Advance: A Fortnight’s Just Right!

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