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Social Media Tips

It seems that ever-day social media companies are coming out with new features to their platform. When that occurs other social media companies try to create something similar if the launch of the new feature does well. A good example of this is Instagram launching their ‘Reels Feature’ (if missed our blog article about Reels click HERE to read it) to compete against Tik Toks video format.

Today we will dive a little deeper into some great social media tips in regards to Instagram. We hope that you will be able to use the info to take your promotion game to the next level!


IGTV or also known as Instagram TV is a feature that Instagram launched to compete with YouTube. It is a feature were users can post videos up to 10 minutes (when it launched). You can access this feature directly within your Instagram account (as shown below).

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One of the biggest differences between Youtube and IGTV would have to be the format of the videos. With selfies being so popular on Instagram the format of the videos are in vertical orientation. The other big difference between the two is the fact that it can take hours to upload a Youtube video where as on Instagram it can be much faster.

While IGTV is not a direct competitor to Youtube Videos it is the closest feature that Instagram has to compete with it. One great application of this would be for artists to upload their music videos to the platform since, in most cases they would be too long to upload in a regular post.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are temporary posts that expire with 24 hours of posting them. They can either be images or short video clips (about 15 seconds). You can also add filters and special effects to them. If this sounds familiar it is because you are most likely thinking of SnapChat. That would be the closest comparison to another platform.

Stories are great for short engagements with your audience. With the length being 15 seconds it is a perfect amount of time to gain your audiences interest. Just like posts with posts, you can add hashtags to your stories so that new potential fans will be able to find them.

Another great feature when it comes to Stories is the ‘Highlights’ feature. This makes it possible for your stories to not to be so quickly brushed to the side. It makes it so you can create a highlight within your account so your stories can live on for everyone to see (as seen below).

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Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short format videos (15 or more seconds) that you can post within Instagram. Just like stories Instagram Reels are a great way to quickly get your audiences attention. Some people use these videos to show off some skill and others use them for comedy purposes.

The closest thing to Reels would be Tik Tok vides as previously mentioned. They have not quite reached the popularity that Tik Tok videos have, but they are a great alternative for those users that don’t want to use yet another social media app. It gives users the option to have all the features within one app.

Another cool features to Instagram Reels would be the fact that you can add songs to them. For artists this is a great feature because they can put a clip or two from a new or existing music video and link the song to it. That way if someone comes across the video and they like the music in it they can be linked right to the song that is playing in the video.

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With all of these features to choose from users will surely be able to find a way to implement one of them (or all) in their marketing journey. No matter what kind of content you have the more content that you can put out the better to get yourself known!

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