Album Review: Trazy Wrld

Myafton: Album Review: Trazy Wrld

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We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of ‘Trazy Wrld” by Trazy Mack. We recommend this album to anyone that is looking for some new Hip Hop to add to their music rotation.

Trazy Mack

Rodney King goes by the stage name Trazy Mack. He is an up and coming hip hop artist from the Birmingham area.

Trazy Wrld

The album starts off strong with track ‘Souf Revenge’ . The instrumental being a continuos guitar hook. With a quick beat cycling in and out of the track. This song coming in at just about a minute and a half making it the perfect opening track.

The second track on the album ‘Misunderstood’ starts of with an obvious anthem saying “Please don’t get me misunderstood. Still the same N***a baby whats good”. With the verses in the song being equally as catchy. The track continues to bring the audience in with a closer look at the artist and who Trazy Mack is.

Following up we have the track ‘Rolling Stone’ which has some fun references to Star Trek with the line “Scotty Beam me up, Bout to power up”. It is also clear that Trazy does not follow rules as explained with his Rolling Stones reference. It is also very clear with this track and the previous one on the album that Trazy Mack has a knack for creating catchy hooks in his songs.

With the 4th track titled ‘X Rated’ it is a perfect ending to the first half of the album. The song is an obvious anthem for the club with the catchy beat filled with a deep bass. The lyrics also help make it a stronger club hit. With the lyrics being ‘X Rated’ (pun intended) it may not be for everyone but it continues the pattern of a catchy track in the artists repertoire.

The Second Half

The 5th track on the album is titled ‘She Say’. It starts off with a consuming slower beat to the song which fits perfectly with the beat of the song. If this album were to have an “about a girl track” it would be this one.With the line “She say I don’t hit her line like I use to. People change that’s why I aint f****g with”. The track was perfectly placed in the album.

The 6th track on the album “Watch What She Do” seems like a second half to the 5th track. It starts off with another catchy anthem and goes into a fun song that even has a Sonic the Hedgehog reference “Run the whole game like the hedgehog”. To me, this song has my favorite beat on the whole album. The mix of the subtle cords arrangment in the background mixed with a heavier beat makes the song pop.

The 7th and final song on the album is ‘Trazy Wrld’ which is the title track. One of the few songs on the album that doesn’t start with an immediate hook, but it works well for the track. Instead the verses have a hook with them: “you don’t want no drama, You better go to your mama, you get hit with the llama”.

Myafton: Album Review: Trazy Wrld

All an all this album had a ton of very strong tracks on it and I would recommend it to anybody that is trying get some new Hip Hop in their rotation during this lockdown craziness! The closing track on the album gets me very excited to see what comes next from Trazy Mack!






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