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Myafton: No Apologies
no apologies

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We are very happy to bring to you our Afton artist album review of ‘No Apologies’ by BoobieBlood. We recommend this album to anyone that is looking for some new Hip Hop to add to their music rotation.


Bobbie Blood is an extememly talented and versatile hip-hop artist who hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started rapping at the age of 12 with major influences from Dip Set, Jay-Z, Cash Money Boyz and even Twista! He got into music as a hobby in the beginning but followed by a short stunt landed him in prison for 2 years, he started to take his ambition seriously & now fans from all over the U.S love him.

No Apologies

The album starts off with Intro that is unlike other intros. A lot of times artists will just have a sound snippet or sample at the beginning, but BoobieBlood starts in at full force with a mix of both!

The first full track on the album titled ‘On Purpose’. It starts with a soft beat that lets the lyrics flow heavily over the track. To some great emphasis on the track there is a secondary vocal track with some added effects to it. Definitely a great track to start the EP with.

The second track on the album is the first track on the EP to have a feature. It is featuring the artist ‘Chuurrch Foe’ and the name of the track is ‘Kant Fail’. The back track is pretty simple for most of the track but very heavy with bass. Which is great for this track because it gives air time for both lyricists to come through in full force on the track.

The Second Half

The third track on the album titled ‘Kant Believe It’ goes back to just Boobie on the track. So far being the catchiest track on the album the chorus making it an easy club anthem. Each of his lines hit hard in this song in a way that they did not on the first few tracks. There are also some subtle effects added to the track that come in at the perfect time.

The next track on the album titled ‘Get It Back’ is the second track on the album to have a feature. The artist goes by the name ‘Rayray’. The tempo of this song seems to fit Boobies voice the best so far on the track. It helps the verses to hit even harder than prior tracks. The chorus sounds “You heard I’m spending money, watch me get it back”. Which would have to be the strongest chorus so far on the album and my personal favorite. The feature is just the icing on the cake for this track as well.

The final track on the album ‘Black Lives Matter’ is great closing to the EP. It is the only track on the album to have two features: ‘Showme’ and ‘Mickey Madville’. It starts off with more of an R&B feel compared to the hard hitting Hip Hop tracks that came before. It works very well for the theme of the song and the verses flow in an out subtly through the track. There is also some perfectly timed instrumental affects through out the song that emphasize moments in the song in a key way.

Myafton: No Apologies

All an all this album had a ton of very strong tracks on it and I would highly recommend it to anybody that is looking for some new Hip Hop in their life. Keep an eye out for new tracks to come from Boobieblood.






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