Winter Mixtape

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Winter Mixtape Release Info

We are very happy to bring you the third Afton Mixtape. This time a round we are putting out an Afton Winter Mixtape featuring tons of great artists! The three headliners for this Mixtape are Young Cello, Fuego James and Raa Medulla.

The rest of the mixtape will be filled with talented artists around the US and Canada.

Meet The Mixtape Headliners

Young Cello

Afton Winter Mixtape Young Cello

Fuego James

Afton Winter Mixtape Fuego James

Raa Medulla

Afton Winter Mixtape Raa Medulla

Winter Promo Video

Where To Submit

If you are interested in submitting your song for the upcoming Mixtape (set to release in mid to late February) just click the link below to be directed to our store. Just make sure to use promo code: winter at checkout for $5 off your submission.


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Jordan Westlund
Jordan joined Afton in the Summer of 2014 and is the Social Media manager and helps out with booking at Afton. He's very passionate about helping artists get their music heard. Jordan loves listening to music, going running and traveling as much as he can.