What Artists Are Saying? 2

Myafton: Artist Feedback

Artist Feedback

As a company, one of the best methods to grow and better brand is by getting artist feedback and find out what customers are saying about you. That way whether it be good feedback or constructive criticism you can take it and use it to your benefit. Some would even say it is one of the best tools to help a business.

We recently put out a blog article that showed some feedback that we received from our artists and we wanted to continue with that series by sharing a little bit more feedback from our artists.

Below you will find a short mash up of some of the great things that our artists submitted to us.

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Jordan Westlund
Jordan joined Afton in the Summer of 2014 and is the Social Media manager and helps out with booking at Afton. He's very passionate about helping artists get their music heard. Jordan loves listening to music, going running and traveling as much as he can.