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LiveStream Ticket Price

Every month we have more and more artists sign up for LiveStream shows on our new platform. And they often wonder what is the right price to have for tickets? This is a common questions because, lets face it, most of us are still getting use to this new format of performing shows now that COVID is here.

So in this article we will be walking you through things to think about when it comes to coming up with the correct price for your tickets.

The Experience

The first thing to take into account is the fans experience. What are they use to paying for when it comes to your local shows? Some artists say right off the bat “oh I have to make it cheap because it is not an in person show”. Well we don’t think that is the case for a lot of artists. We have had a ton of artists that spend a lot of time creating an amazing show experience for their fans and when that is the case sometimes you can make the tickets more expensive or at least the same amount as they were for local shows.

A lot of artists will setup multiple cameras for their show, a really cool backdrop and some cool lighting features. A lot of times for fans this does not go unnoticed. So you can usually factor that into your ticket price by making it higher, but at the same time you do not want to go overboard with it.

The Show Length

Next, you want to make sure to take your show length into account. If fans are use to seeing you for a 15-20 minute set because you are performing with some other artist on the show, and you are planning the same amount of time then the price could be similar. However since you are doing your own show and want to perform a whole album that is much more of a full show for your fans and your ticket price can reflect that.

Another option when it comes to this is if the artist has a couple label members that they are performing with. Maybe one artist does 2-3 songs then another artist or two comes in for 2-3 songs of their own. That would make for a longer set and you would be giving fans a few artists to see. In that case you could make the price a little higher than you would normally. Especially when you take into account that you would most likely be splitting up the artist payment between a few artists.

The Lack Of Live Shows

Lets face it in a lot of cities around the U.S. there are just not many live (in person) shows happening. This can mean a few things.

  1. Artists cannot go to live shows so there is nothing to compare them to.
  2. Fans know that if the artist is not doing live shows they are financially not making as much.
  3. Fans are dying to see some live music.

These are all huge factors that can also be taken in to account. If an fan does not have any other options for shows they would most likely be willing to pay more for a live show (especially because they are not able to spend money on things they normally could have before shutdowns). Also, fans are your fans for a reason, if they know that you are financially not able to perform like normal and make a living they might be eager to help support you! Fans might also know that if you are not making as much money then that means you will not be putting out as much new music.

Putting It All together

So the price of your show ticket really comes down what you are putting into your show. As of now we have changed our ticketing policy so you are able to have a ticket priced as cheap as $2.99 and upwards of about $14.99. If it is your first show or you are just doing an on the fly show with little notice I would price it around the $2.99 mark. However if you let fans know about your show 2+ weeks or even a month in advance and you are planning to make it a show to remember that take that into account and price it closer to $14.99.

At the end of the day you know your fans best so you will have a good idea of what they will want to spend and what is fair to them. Just keep in mind that fans can always send tips during the show. That means that you can always make the ticket price on the cheaper side and then fans that do want to tip more within the show can do just that.

We hope that this article was helpful to you when it comes to choosing a ticket price for your next LiveStream! And if you are reading this and are not yet setup for a LiveStream show you can always sign up HERE

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