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MyAfton store Promo Blasts
MyAfton Promo Blasts

MyAfton Promo Options

We offer a ton of free promotional benchmarks for artists. If you have not seen them you can click HERE to see what they are, but we also offer a lot of paid promo options that are located in the MyAfton store.

MyAfton Promo Blasts Preview

The First Three Options

The first three options are very similar but the key difference between each of them is the social media platform that they are posted on. Each promo blast requires a little bit of info from you so we can make the post more customized to your music and preferences.

First, we ask for your social media handle or link so that we can tag you in post. That way whenever someone sees the post they are able to find your account and listen to your music or learn more about you as an artist. The second is that we ask for a message that you want us to post for you. An example would be: “Be sure to keep an eye our for the next artist to rise! Artist X from New York City. You can listen to their music over on”

Then we ask for an image that you want added to your post. That way potential fans can see a little bit more about your personality and what you are about. Afton then adds some #Hashtags that we have researched and found to be very useful for artist growth (For Instagram blasts). Below are some examples of three of our promo blasts.

Facebook Promo Blast

MyAfton Store Facebook Blast
Facebook Blast

Instagram Promo Blast

MyAfton Store Instagram Blast
Instagram Blast

Twitter Promo Blast

MyAfton Store Twitter Blast
Twitter Promo Blast

The Fourth Promo Blast

The final option of promo blast that we have available in our store is Youtube Blast. This option is one of our most popular options because it is permanently on our Youtube page.

We ask for the artist to send us their artist name, the song name (That is played in the video) and the video file, so that we can it posted to our page. Another option for the artist to send additional links to their social media pages, music links and other accounts that they want displayed on the video. You can see an example below:

Youtube Promo Blast

MyAfton Store Youtube  Blast
MyAfton Store Youtube  Blast
Youtube Promo Blast

Where To Buy Promo Blasts

All of these promo blasts are available in the MyAfton Store (Find link Below). Make sure to also keep an eye out for our monthly discounts!


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