Afton Contest: Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle

Afton Contest: Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle
Freestyle Rap

Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle

Now that we have finished up with the Afton Winter Mixtape we are moving on to our next Afton Contest. This contest will be the freestyle rap Instagram Battle.

Freestyle Rap Prize

The first place winner will receive $100 to the MyAfton Beat store! The 1st place winner will also receive a featured blog article, an album review and a shout out on all of our social media accounts. The video will also be added to our YouTube page on the contest playlist.

How To Enter

To be entered into the contest all you have to do is submit a video of you doing a 30 second freestyle rap. Please make sure that it is good quality video and audio. We will accept video submission through part of June!

How It Will Work

Once we have closed off submissions, each weekday we will post two artists to our story that will be followed by a poll about who won the battle.

Afton Contest: Freestyle Rap Instagram Battle
Freestyle Battle

Whoever loses the battle will be knocked out of the tournament. The winner will then go on in the tournament to face the next opponent. We will post all the battles until the tournament has ended. And at the end of the tournament we will announce the winner and post it all on our YouTube page.

Where to Submit

When you have finished your video make sure to email it over to with “Instagram Rap Battle” in the subject line. Please also make sure to have your artist name, artist email (that is linked to your Afton account) and also make sure that your video is attached to the email.

We will accept submission from now until late May!


If you have any questions please reach out to and they will get your questions answered.

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