Don’t Have Many 21+ Fans Yet? Don’t Worry

21 and over shows

You Don’t Have to Be 21+ to Have a 21+ Fanbase!

21 and older shows are where a lot of show opportunities are at. So if you and/or your members are under 21 years of age, how do you book 21+ shows and draw out fans who are over 21? Are you stuck waiting until you are over 21 to start playing these shows?

The short answer is no.

First of all, realize this: many venues and shows that are 21+ ONLY for fans actually allow performers who are 18 or older – or in many cases, performers can be any age!

Here at Afton, we believe almost ANY local artist can sell 15-20 Tickets. It just takes the right strategies and the right amount of hustle. Even if it’s a 21+ bar show, and even if you don’t know a lot of people over 21 years old. This is a great way to break into this new market – which will help you book more shows in the long run since many venues these days are 21+ only. This is well worth the effort!

Afton works with many underage acts who use these tips and end up selling 20 or 30 tickets to fans over 21. They literally build their fan base of 21+ fans from very few to many and never realized they could do it.

Here’s What To Do

  1. Make a list of everyone you and your members know collectively who are 21 or older. They are your TARGET for this show. They are going to be your springboard 21+ fan base. Even if you only know 4 people who are over 21. Think about this – the average person knows about 80 people, and their social media network has about 300 people on it. So that means if you only know 4 people who are 21 or older (as an example) THEY are the key to unlocking a new 21+ fan base and being able to sell lots of tickets for any 21+ show you ever book here on out.
  2. Personally contact that list of people you know who are 21+. Call them, text message them, email them or direct message them on Facebook. Have a personal conversation and just be up front. “I don’t know many people over 21 but MOST clubs are 21+ ONLY. That includes my upcoming show! These venues won’t book me unless I can draw a crowd. Would you like to buy a ticket for my upcoming show? What can I do for you that would get you to invite your friends who are over 21 and help me get the word out to your personal network?

Your Fans Want to Help You

You’d be surprised. If they like and know you, they probably want nothing in return! They WANT to help your music career. But it always helps to tell them you’ll give them a song shoutout, or free merch if they bring friends.

That’s how it starts. Instead of making excuses, or even worse, instead of selling yourself short with an attitude of “I’m screwed I don’t know anybody old enough,” start with WHO you do know that is over 21.

I’ve had artists do this and the few friends they have who are over 21 literally GIVE that artist their phone and email contacts and say “Here, you have my permission to hit up my close friends, I’ll vouch for you because your music is good. I want to help you!”

There are SO many ways to sell tickets and grow your fan base to people over 21. This is just one. Here are some more!

More Tips to Grow Your Fan Base




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