Artists Against COVID-19

Myafton: Artists Against COVID-19

Artists Against COVID-19

All of the Afton Mixtapes that we have put out have been in the  Rap, Hip Hop and R&B genres, but for the first time ever we are putting out a mixtape for only Bands, Solo artists and Pop Artists! The theme of this mixtape is “Artists against COVID-19”.

COVID-19 Is Hitting The Live Events Industry Hard!

Not just bars and restaurants but Covid-19 is hitting the live events industry hard as well. Because of this we have decided to put out a Mixtape that will have discounted Song Submissions to help Afton to continue to support our staff, and continue to keep planing shows for you and our other artists for May, June, & July!

Once this is all over, your fans will be dying to get out of the house and attend a live concert! You get big discounts, and you help us support our employees and venues by pre-planning your next gig once the COVID-19 live events ban comes to an end.

Any song submissions you can purchase will go along way to ensure that we can lay all of the groundwork needed to come out of this with more gigs for our artists.

Myafton: Artists Against COVID-19

Info About The Mixtape

The mixtapes usually have around 18 slots on them and once they are released the full mixtape will be up to listen to on our SoundCloud, our blog and a playlist will be created for Spotify (songs can only be on this playlist that are already on Spotify of course). We will also post about it on all of our social media accounts and link to our blog article about its release so fans will know where to listen to it. And the Mixtape should be released around Mid to late May.

For the next month and a half Mixtape submissions will only be $10. If you are interested in being a part of this please submit below!

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