LiveStreams are More Than Just a Show!

Myafton: livestreams are more than just a show
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More Than a Show!

When it comes to doing a livestream a lot of times artists ask “Why would my fans pay for that?”, so we thought it would be good to write an article about why livestreams are more than just a show! So today we will be going over just that.

The Possibilities

When it comes to a LiveStream show the possibilities are endless in comparison to a show at a venue. Sometimes at a venue you are at the mercy of what the exact equiptment that the venue has. In some cases they might not have a screen/backdrop for you to bring some character to your set. Or they might not have a smoke machine to give your show that extra oomph.

When you do a Livestream that you put on at your house or you studio you are in full control over what is displayed to your fans and what is behind you, or even added to your performance.

Album Release Party

One of the really cool things that we have had artists do for their show is a simple album release party. At a venue you might not want to rent out the whole venue if you are just going to play songs from the album, so in most cases the artist performs as well. Sometimes the issue with that is you literally just released the song and you don’t have it down into a live show yet.

With a Livestream you put up a backdrop with maybe your album art on it and then you could give a little introduction about a particular song and then just play the song. That has been a fun method of artists playing their new, album, EP or even just a new song to fans. And fans feel special because they are the first ones to hear it since it might not even be on streaming sites yet.

A Q/A Show

Another cool option that we have had some aritsts do recently is a Q/A (question and answer) or even a AMA (ask me anything) type of show for their fans. This gives fans a great opportunity to ask those sometimes off the wall questions that they may otherwise have not had the chance to ask the artist yet.

This type of show is a perfect format for a LiveStream since fans can message you the questions and if the questions are too outlandish you can always skip over them. Where as at a venue show it might seem like you are ignoring them if you skip over it. Some aritsts have even sprinkled in a song or two at the end of their Q/A. So the possibilities are endless with this one.

A Full Experience

Some aritsts take their shows even a step further and make the livestream a full experience for their fans. They do this by having pre recorded videos made for their show. That way when the show goes live then can start with a short video to get the fans in the right mindset and then afterwards they go into their performance.

You can get pretty creative with this method since you can also play multiple videos through out your show or end the event with a really cool video. It could even be a special treat for fans where at the end of the LiveStream you play a new music video that you have been working on.

As you can see with LiveStreams the possibilities are truly endless and you can customize them as much as you want to for your fans!

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