Album Review: This is Just a Simple Song

This Is Just A Simple Song
Hyde Park

Hyde Park Artist Background:

Stevens’ career began early; he released his first EP Lost and Found (2009) when he was a sophomore at the University of Connecticut. Since then, he’s gone on to perform and record as both a solo artist and as a member of the indie rock collective The Condescending Foxes. As indie pop artist Hyde Park, Stevens draws from a diverse set of influences such as David Gray, Belle and Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields, and Nick Drake to create a seamless blend of folk, pop, and electronica paired with a concise, heartfelt lyrical style. As a performer, Stevens is regularly found on concert and theatrical stages in Boston and New York City.

In addition to This is Just a Simple Song, Hyde Park released a companion film Sing a Simple Song – Live at The Record Co. last December. The film sees Stevens reuniting with musical collaborators Chris Anthony (drums and percussion) and Drew Bligh (bass), as well as David Anthony (guitars and vocals), David Knox (keyboards and vocals), and Evan Lynch (cello and percussion) to perform the entire EP front to back.

Album Review This Is Just A Simple Song:

The EP starts off with the opening track ‘Judy In Madrid’, which instantly puts you in a bit of a day dream state with its infectious melody. The song it is broken down into a few key instruments that flow together so nicely throughout the track. The second track on the album ‘Guy and Girl’, is the first song on the EP that includes a feature on it. Her name is Mary Stottele and she brings a great energy to the song as the two of them harmonize through the track. The story of the song is laid out perfectly through the lyrics.

The third track on the album ‘The Insomniac’s Lament’ has a slow, but beautiful beginning that is accompanied with violin that cuts through the track. Through out the track Hyde Park adds a vocal effect that is truly the icing on the cake. It helps the track to form a perfect package for the listener. The fourth track on the album ‘The Artist’ adds another feature to the EP. This time Dave Anthony joins the track. After the subtle introduction the vocals start in with a reverb effect that helps piece together the flow of the song in a great way!

The fourth track on the album ‘Heathcliff at the Prom’ starts of with only a drum and then eases into some other instruments and it makes your mind wonder from the start with the soft melody of the track. Hyde Park takes this track to show off a bit of his vocal chops as well. Both, Lyrically and musically this has to be my favorite track on the album. The fifth and final track on the EP is titled ‘Desire Lines’ and it is beautiful from start to finish. The subtleness of Hydes Parks voice in this track shines in the best way. It makes it the perfect closer for the album. It feels like the end of a story but at the same time leaves you wanting more from the artist.

This Is Just A Simple Song
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