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Afton LiveStream Video Contest

We are very happy to announce our new contest! This contest will be a Afton LiveStream Video Contest. We will be taking the best artist livestream video from them performing on our Afton Livestream platform.

Contest Rules

Artist will need to send in a video of them doing a livestream performance on our platform. Login to their Myafton account, create a livestream show and record the performance. You also need to have at least 10 tickets sold for the performance so you are not performing to an empty room.

Contest Prizes

We will choose three winners in this contest and each winner will earn

  • 3 months free of one of our brand new products called Accelerator Packages.
  • A Custom Album Art design.
  • A Custom Merch Design.

The Accelerator packages are packages that come in different tier levels and include items from our store like: A batch of social media shout outs, Youtube video posts, Pinned Instagram stories, album reviews/featured blog articles, Facebook ads and even consultation phone calls to go over your marketing plan.

The Album art is a product that we just added were the artist simply sends in a brief description or a photo of what they are looking for and we create a custom design around that.

The Merch design is similar to the album art but instead we create a design that we sent to the artist in a .PNG file so they are able to upload that design on their Merch store.

If you would like more information about any of these products you can check out our blog article that goes over them HERE

How To Submit

This contest will be going from now until the end of April. So just make sure to get your livestream show setup as soon as possible and send in your livestream video to us at

If you have any questions you can reach out to the above email address or your booking reps email.

Jordan Westlund on Instagram
Jordan Westlund
Jordan joined Afton in the Summer of 2014 and is the Social Media manager and helps out with booking at Afton. He's very passionate about helping artists get their music heard. Jordan loves listening to music, going running and traveling as much as he can.