Show Promo Ads

A Show-Promo Ad is a Facebook and/or Myspace ad that we run for certain artists to help get the word out about their show – and to help them gain exposure. Each ad is run until the ad has gotten 10,000 or more impressions. The ad links to the artist’s unique Ticketing Profile URL on, so that when people click on the ad they have the option to immediately buy tickets to the show online.

Does It Cost the Artist Anything?

No. When we run a Show-Promo Ad for one of our artists, it is on our dime. We pay for the ad, and we launch the ad.

Why Does Afton Do These Ads for Some Artists?

This is our way to help co-promote, alongside the artist, to help them get the word out about their upcoming Afton show – and to help them gain exposure and name-recognition. We are able to do this for acts that are reliable and are effective in promoting to their existing fan-base.

Show Promo Ad Examples

Additionally, we utilize social networks to spread the word about our shows. In fact, if you have a minute, you should leave us a comment when you become a fan of Afton on FACEBOOK, follow us on TWITTER, check out our channel on YOUTUBE, or add us on MYSPACE.