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Afton is a concert production company that focuses on booking local and regional artists of all genres at legitimate music venues in their home region. Our primary goal is to book local artists on well-attended live shows. Our secondary goal is to provide free resources and free promotion education to all local artists, whether they book with us or not.

Afton primarily books shows that are All Ages & Bar w/ID, so artists can bring out all of their fans, no matter their age. We do produce some 18+ ONLY and 21+ ONLY events as well, depending on the city. We create long-term partnerships with our venues so we can provide artists with year round show options, each month…

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countless references from our artists

Afton has booked over 60,000 local acts (consisting of roughly 185,000 individual band/group members), on over 9,500 live events since we started in 2004. We produce concerts in 40 cities nationwide, and have worked with over 200 partner venues.

Currently we have a 97% satisfaction rate.¬†Thousands upon thousands of happy artists can attest to that fact, and you can see what thousands of our artists have to say about working with Afton at the site.¬†In addition, we are proud to say that when given the opportunity to rebook with us, over 90% of artists on a previous show accept our next offer…

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most genres, local artists, real venues

Afton focuses mainly on shows that are All Ages & Bar w/ID, so that all of your fans can attend no matter their age. We also have 18+ Only and 21+ Only events as well. We book a variety of venues and show types. We offer shows each month, year round. We are just one more option you now have for shows.

Which Genres?

Afton books almost all genres of music, though if you are an extremely obscure or uncommon genre we may not have entire nights of your type of music. The main types of genres that we book are listed below. We strongly recommend submitting an Artist Configuration if you fall anywhere near or in the core genres listed. Remember, we can always book you with other acts you are friends with, so even if you are a bit obscure musically, usually over time we can help develop more artists like you on our roster…

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one-time artist config takes minutes

To start the booking process click the blue LOGIN/Sign Up button.

Signup or Login Button

Every act we work with starts by submitting the Artist Configuration. This is a one time process that takes about 10 minutes. It is not a contract. The Artist Configuration was designed to do two things:

1. Fully disclose all booking policies, terms, and explains how our shows work

  • This allows you to know if our shows fit your needs before we move forward with a specific date

2. The Configuration gets us the basic information we need to book your act

  • This information is never shared, it is privately stored in our internal system for booking staff use only
  • This way our booking staff always has your contact info and music URL on file

Then we’re ready to start talking about specific show openings…

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