Why Choose MyAfton

Afton provides risk-free booking. Afton takes on all financial risk for the artists we book. No artist ever pays a fee to Afton, all revenues come solely from the fans who are paying to see the show. Our cut is not guaranteed, and every show we produce is a risk for us and the club. Artists are paid per the written agreement no matter what, even in cases where the show is a complete loss for Afton.

What Will Afton Do for You?

Afton does more and pays more to our local artists on all ages/underage shows than any other venue, concert company, or entity booking all ages shows on a nationwide scale. Additionally, everything that our company does is completely free to the artist, and we are proud of that. We offer year round show opportunities at music venues in your area and work hard to accommodate our artists to the best of our ability.

We Schedule and Facilitate Every Aspect of our Shows From Start to Finish

  • Our staff takes care of all venue, staffing, and band scheduling.
  • You just show up with your gear and your fans, that’s it. We take care of the rest.

We Take on the Risk – So You Don’t Have to

  • Both Afton (and the club) invests time and money into every show we put on.
  • We take on ALL financial risk and cover all overhead expenses, so that no money comes ever out of your pocket.
  • You don’t ever have to shoulder any of the financial risk that comes with putting on the show!

We Offer Online Promo Ads that Specifically Promote Your Show

  • With our “Show Promo” Ads on Facebook we promote you and your show specifically! Each show, acts can earn up to 100,000+ impressions!
  • Each “Show Promo” ad impression is ran between 10,000 – 100,000+ times to music fans in your city.
  • These ads are always run at our expense (NO cost to you), as a thank-you for effectively promoting your show in advance.
  • We run on average over 120 MILLION AD IMPRESSIONS per year for our artists of this ad type

To see examples & get more info visit Show Promo Ads.

We Run Online Ads After the Show to Promote Your Act Name

  • Our “Spotlight” Ads are run on Facebook to specifically gain exposure and name recognition for your act name
  • Each ad is ran for 10,000 or 20,000+ ad impressions to music fans in your city, with the goal of raising awareness about your music project
  • These ads are ran at our expense (NO cost to you), as a thank-you for effectively promoting the show you performed with us
  • We run on average over 80 MILLION AD IMPRESSIONS per year for our artists of this ad type
To see examples & get more info visit Spotlight Ads.

You can Be a Featured Artist

  • We offer you the opportunity to be a Featured Artist on our Ticketing home page: www.aftonshows.com
  • With this, your picture and a direct link to your ticketing page will be displayed on our main ticketing site
  • This site gets thousands of visitors every week, which gains you valuable exposure

We Provide Our Online Ticketing System

  • You can save time & money by effectively promoting online
  • Our site provides validity and simplifies your promotion tactics
  • Fans can buy tickets without having to physically meet up with you
  • We Provide 24/7 support to your Fans, and our site is 100% secure

We provide a Unique “Fan Tip” Feature with Online Ticketing

  • When purchasing a ticket fans can leave you a tip!
  • The average online-fan tips $1.20 per ticket
  • 100% of the tips your fans leave go directly to you

We provide you with the “Physical Cash-Tickets” Option

  • For fans that cannot buy online, we offer physical tickets
  • You are able to download and print tickets hassle free through your MyAfton account

We Provide you with our Free “Flier Promo Pack”

  • When you book with us, you can choose a flier template designed by our graphics staff
  • You flier pack will include: A Full-Page Poster, Handbills, and a Banner code for your social sites
  • We send your flier pack plus promo strategies to every fan that buys an online ticket for your act – helping to create an unofficial street team for you

You Have the Full Support of your Booking Rep

  • Our staff provides you with all Booking Details in writing
  • 1-on-1 support and advice on any promo road blocks
  • They will always answers any and all of your questions
  • Booking staff shares with you ideas and strategies on how to help grow your fan base
  • Your Rep accommodates your needs & clears more perks for you prior to your show

We are a Reliable Source of Show Dates, When You Need Them

  • We book dates each month, year-round. Usually at several clubs
  • We offer opportunities for shows outside your home town when you draw well


  1. That you get the amount of Advance Tickets sold that you agree to when they Confirm.
  2. That you show up as planned, and perform to the best of your ability.